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3 reasons gift cards are a waste of money and you should never buy them

Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts for the holidays. But a shocking number of them never get used at all.

Holiday retailers are surging as online spending hits a record

Retail stocks are surging as Black Friday online sales hit a record and as investors prepare for more big numbers on Cyber Monday.

Thread count is a lie — here’s how to buy high-quality sheets

It's easy to think that a high thread count means better sheets. That's not really the case — here's why.
Toys and electronics reign supreme, and Black Friday's most popular items come with few surprises.

Black Friday sales have already passed $3.5 billion — and it reveals a dark truth about the future of the holiday

Black Friday sales are surging, with shoppers spending more than $3.5 billion online as of Friday morning.

We went to Walmart for Black Friday — and it was nothing like we expected

We visited a Walmart store in Dublin, Georgia, on Thursday at the start of the retailer's doorbuster sales, and we expected to find chaos.
Black Friday's name has nothing to do with the sales stores do on the day.

Here’s why we call it ‘Black Friday’

The term "Black Friday" was coined by traffic cops in Philadelphia.

11 insider facts most Black Friday workers know — and you probably don’t

To unearth the lesser-known facts about Black Friday, Business Insider surveyed more than 40 retail workers.
Rodeo Drive's iconic stores are only good enough to be the second-most expensive on this list.

These are America’s most expensive shopping streets, where rents cost a fortune and stores are thriving

The most famous streets around the country also command high price tags. Here are the places where operating a store will cost you the most.
The massive towers are located near store entrances.

Walmart is unleashing a key weapon against Amazon in 500 stores

We were in and out of the store in under one minute.
Mari Solazzo, head of private shopping at Matches Fashion curates luxury wardrobe edits for the superrich.

We tried out an exclusive luxury personal shopping service usually reserved for superrich clients — here’s what it was like

Mari Solazzo, head of private shopping at Matches Fashion, curates luxury wardrobe edits for the top 1%.