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Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 is facing reports of an unresponsive touchscreen

Samsung's latest major phone, the Galaxy S9, apparently has some screen issues that Samsung is investigating.

There’s no solid evidence that people get addicted to social media — and using it could actually be beneficial

Most smartphone research is characterized by bad science. There is actually little to no harm in using phones and social media. The impact may even be positive.

This is what your smartphone is doing to your brain — and it isn’t good

Smartphones and social media are changing the way our brains work. Scientists are zeroing in on what's happening, and the problems may go well beyond addiction.

The digital camera industry saw growth in 2017 for the first time in nearly a decade

Camera sales have been declining for years -- but last year, sales were slightly more promising.

Australia’s defence department is phasing out Chinese phones after US intelligence issued security warnings

The phones were used for unclassified voice and text communication but are being replaced with alternative mobiles.

Parents in the US are worried about their children’s use of smartphones

In a recent study by Common Sense Media, nearly half of the adults surveyed said that their children exhibited addictive behavior in their use of a smartphone.

Apple and Samsung have very different philosophies when it comes to courting smartphone customers

Samsung plasters the market with new phones every year compared to Apple.
Models pose for photographs with a LG electronics' new V20 premium smartphone during its unveiling ceremony in Seoul

10 smartphone camera features that make you feel like a professional photographer

If you've ever taken a stellar shot on your smartphone and felt like you could be the next Annie Leibovitz, you may have one or more of these features to thank.