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CEO Daniel Ek grew Spotify from a scrappy startup to an IPO-ready company in 12 years.

Spotify’s growth chart should be the primary user manual for startups building businesses on the web

Analysts at the investment firm Goodwater Capital have charted how Spotify orchestrated smart product plans and growth to become a streaming music giant.

Has Spotify answered its royalty problem?

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Apple has an ‘untapped opportunity’ it can pick up from Spotify

Apple could gain ground in music streaming if it takes a leaf from Spotify's playbook, an RBC analyst finds.

New data from LinkedIn shows how digital upstarts like Netflix and Spotify are taking over the entertainment business

Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify are overtaking traditional entertainment companies in staff size, according to LinkedIn data.

How 17 famous companies got their quirky names

Companies like Amazon, Pepsi, Ikea, and Skype have fascinating origin stories. Take a look at how they got their famous, quirky names.

Spotify is building a firewall to keep its founders in control

Like Snap, Facebook, and other tech companies that have gone the traditional IPO route, Spotify has engineered a firewall to ensure the founders keep control.

When Spotify goes public, it should be very good for these 8 people and investors

These are the early employees and investors in Swedish music streaming service Spotify that will get big windfalls after its IPO.
Daniel Elk, the CEO Spotify.

Spotify says it has almost twice as many paying customers as Apple Music — and it’s not slowing down

Spotify says that fewer users are jumping ship to Apple Music or other competitors every year.

Spotify says Sean Parker launched pop star Lorde’s career by putting her on his ‘Hipster International’ playlist

Spotify filed to go public on Wednesday and used the opportunity to take credit for launching pop star Lorde's career. And Sean Parker was involved.