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A female executive at Steve Cohen’s investment firm says it created a hostile work environment toward women

Lauren Bonner, an associate director at Point72 alleges that the company pays women less money than what the suit describes as less-qualified male employees.
Steve Cohen.

Billionaire investor Steve Cohen is about to make his return to the hedge fund industry — and he’s already amassed a substantial war chest...

BI PRIME: Steve Cohen has amassed at least $3 billion for his return to managing outside money.

Steve Cohen’s new hedge fund will reportedly have an army of investigators to snoop on traders’ chats and calls

Steve Cohen's new hedge fund will feature a 50-person team of investigators who will reportedly snoop on traders' calls, chats, and emails to flag suspicious behavior.
Steve Cohen.

We keep hearing that billionaire hedge funder Steve Cohen has been crushing it recently — and just at the right time

It sounds like the billionaire Steve Cohen is having a surge in performance just ahead of his potentially huge return to managing outside money.
Steve Cohen.

There’s a big question hanging over the most anticipated hedge fund launch in history

Billionaire Steve Cohen has been quietly prepping a potentially huge hedge fund – and it's likely to be a lot smaller than what was widely expected.

Steve Cohen just took a big step forward in his comeback with a massive new hedge fund

Cohen's new fund, Stamford Harbor Capital, is arguably one of the most anticipated launches in Wall Street history.

Steve Cohen’s giant penthouse is now on sale for $57.5 million, half of its original price

This is the seventh time that hedge funder Steve Cohen has listed his luxury property — each time with a price chop.

REPORT: Billionaire Steve Cohen is facing a UK regulatory hurdle

Around 1,100 people work at Point72, which manages $11 billion of Steve Cohen's wealth.

Steve Cohen is about to find out if he’s the most notorious hedge-fund manager in America or ‘the best investor of all time’

Twenty billion dollars is a lofty capital-raising goal for hedge-fund manager Steve Cohen, whose past is admired and reviled.