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Trump spent his first year in office bashing the ‘failing New York Times’ — here’s how its shares have done since his inaugura...

Subscriptions have soared, the New York Times said in November, with total revenue increasing by 6% quarter-over-quarter.

Wall Street is watching a key recession indicator that keeps flashing yellow

BI PRIME: The gap between short- and long-term bond yields has remained narrow, a sign of weak economic prospects, while the stock market has surged.

Meet the unconventional portfolio manager who crushed Wall Street last year while barely watching the market

BI PRIME: Alex Umansky, a portfolio manager at Baron Funds, shares his investment methods and discusses his fund that crushed stock benchmarks in 2017.

One chart explains what’s driving the stock market’s record-breaking explosion

BI PRIME: Upward revisions to S&P 500 profit forecasts have provided crucial fuel for the stock market's ascent to new record highs.

We crunched the numbers to find the one stock set to get the biggest boost from Trump tax reform

BI PRIME: Business Insider has conducted a proprietary five-part analysis to identify which stock is truly the king of tax reform.

CREDIT SUISSE: There are 3 things that could drive the stock market crazy in 2018

BI PRIME: Credit Suisse highlights the three things that could whip up stock market volatility in 2018.

MORGAN STANLEY: Here are the 6 internet stocks to bet on in 2018

BI PRIME: Morgan Stanley has picked six internet stocks that it says will make good investments in 2018.

A key metric shows the stock market is at ‘extreme’ levels that are the most stretched in 20 years

BI PRIME: An important technical indicator is the most stretched it's been in 20 years, and the second-most extended since 1928, according to Morgan Stanley.

STOCKS HIT A RECORD HIGH: Here’s what you need to know

US stocks climbed to a new record as a handful of banks reported earnings, including JPMorgan, which gained on speculation that tax cuts will boost profits.

GOLDMAN SACHS: There’s a strategy that will help you crush earnings season using these 20 stocks

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs has formulated a strategy for earnings season that has provided outsize returns for the past two decades, and it recommends 20 stocks.