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How Max Levchin cofounded and built PayPal into a payments monster after 6 pivots and a bitter rivalry with Elon Musk

Max Levchin cofounded PayPal, took it public, and sold it to eBay. Now he's leading a loan startup. Here's how he did it.
Tim Ferriss has built a career around finding the simplest and most efficient solutions to problems. Recently he realized he needed to take his own advice.

After 10 years of helping people optimize their lives, Tim Ferriss stumbled upon a question that has helped him build an audience of millions

Tim Ferriss is constantly looking for the easiest solutions to problems, and it's made him a bestselling author and star podcast host.

How reporters Jodi Kantor, Irin Carmon, and Kim Masters exposed sexual harassment and started a national reckoning

Three journalists have helped expose sexual harassment and start a national reckoning. Here's how they did it.
Tim Ferriss places more value on training than planning.

Tim Ferriss lives his life according to an ancient Greek quote that helps him prepare for the worst

Bestselling author and star podcast host Tim Ferriss prioritizes intense preparation over planning.

‘ENOUGH of being the nice women we’ve been raised to be’: How Megyn Kelly battled sexual harassment at Fox and a year as the target ...

Megyn Kelly rose through the ranks at Fox News, then jumped to NBC News, and faced harassment along the way. Here's how she did it.
Tim Ferriss said that when you're starting out in your career, you should focus on "learning instead of earning."

After interviewing 140 people at the top of their fields, Tim Ferriss has 2 key pieces of advice for 20-somethings starting a career

Bestselling author and podcast star Tim Ferriss has made a career studying high achievers, and he's learned what works best for professionals just starting out.
Don't freak out.

There’s one type of person you should always fire as fast as possible

The real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran says she kept The Corcoran Group a safe and happy place to work by getting rid of complainers immediately.
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says he follows Spider-Man's mantra: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman explains why he’s been giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats

Reid Hoffman defends his heavy spending and influence on the Democratic Party as a responsibility that comes with his wealth.
Reid Hoffman.

An insight LinkedIn’s billionaire founder Reid Hoffman had in high school has defined his entire career

Reid Hoffman was originally planning to be an academic "public intellectual" before he got into tech, but his life's goal hasn't changed.
Tim Ferriss learned that bad advice can be just as valuable as good.

‘4-Hour Workweek’ author Tim Ferriss says you should always consider 2 things before taking any advice

The popular author and podcast host explains how the worst advice he ever received taught him a valuable lesson.