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I don't drive.

Trump’s ignorance about the Chinese auto market is hurting US companies — and Elon Musk isn’t helping

President Donald Trump just makes doing business in China, the world's largest auto market, more difficult for US automakers.

Levi’s is suing Chinese companies for trademark infringement as trade war talk heats up

The case exemplifies accusations of China's intellectual property theft.
President Donald Trump

43 top economists were polled on Trump’s latest big policy — not a single one said it would help Americans

43 top economists were asked whether President Trump's new tariffs on steel and aluminum were good for Americans. not a single one said yes.
President Donald Trump.

Trump has created an international ‘free-for-all’ that could cause huge waves in the global economy

New steel and aluminum tariffs are a "violation of very, very fundamental rules being committed by the world's foundational economy," a former US trade official said.

Trump’s massive tariff announcement is twisting the political world in knots

Conservative groups panned the tariffs implemented by President Trump on Thursday while liberals praised the plan and beneficial to US workers.
United Steelworkers Local 2227 President Scott Sauritch and Donald Trump.

‘He’s still alive’: Trump mistakenly suggests steelworker’s father was dead during tariff announcement

Trump mistakenly suggested a steelworker's father was dead during his major announcement on new steel and aluminum tariffs — and the man quickly corrected him.
Donald Trump.

Trump may be proposing his massive tariffs now to help swing the nation’s biggest congressional race — but constituents are worried

Trump's controversial tariffs may have been proposed with a very specific segment of the country in mind — Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District.

Republicans are freaking out about Trump’s massive new tariffs

Republicans are distraught over President Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. But many are unsure about action they are to take to stop a trade war.