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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Berlin

World leaders think Trump’s tax overhaul is dangerous, and they’re getting ready to fight back

European and Chinese officials are getting ready to deal with the fall out from the Republican tax reform bill.

The Treasury released a bizarre one-page report on the GOP tax bill, and it’s already getting shredded

The one-page Treasury report used economic growth numbers from the Trump administration's budget rather than estimating the tax impact on its own.

Here’s what Trump’s tax plan means for people making between $300,000 and $10 million a year

We estimated potential tax changes for single, childless taxpayers making $300,000, $500,000, $1 million, or $10 million a year.
Tax reform will affect Americans in different ways.

Everything you need to know about how the new Trump tax plan could affect you

We put together an overview of everything you need to know about how Trump's tax plan could affect you, from tax brackets to take-home pay.

Here’s when Trump’s new tax plan will take effect if it passes

If Republicans pass their tax plan before the end of the year, Americans won't feel the effect of tax reform until 2019.
Cowen's summary of GOP tax reform implications on three mega-cap tech companies.

The GOP tax bill could add billions to Amazon, Facebook and Google’s bottom lines

Amazon, Google and Facebook will save a combined $4.5 billion on taxes thank to the GOP tax bill, according to Cowen.

Republicans are about to confront Trump’s ‘red line’ to fix problems in their tax bill

Republican are considering making their corporate tax cut less generous in order to solve problems in their tax bill.

Bank of America has come up with the ‘ultimate tax reform trade’ that everyone is missing

BI Prime: There's a trade for you if you think tax reform would be a big deal to financial markets.

The GOP tax bill just got another ugly review

CBS News found that that 35% of Americans approved of the GOP tax bill, while 53% disapproved, following a slew of bad polls for the new plan.
An congressional aide places a placard on a podium for the House Republican's legislation to overhaul the tax code on Capitol Hill in Washington

TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT: These 12 companies could pay the highest effective tax rates

Under both proposed tax bills, US businesses could see their year-end tax bills change drastically.