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Republicans are about to confront Trump’s ‘red line’ to fix problems in their tax bill

Republican are considering making their corporate tax cut less generous in order to solve problems in their tax bill.

The GOP tax bill just got another ugly review

CBS News found that that 35% of Americans approved of the GOP tax bill, while 53% disapproved, following a slew of bad polls for the new plan.

Republicans just received 2 alarming reviews of their tax plan

Polls have found the Republican tax bill, named the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, getting dismal approval ratings from the public.

The fight over the Republican tax plan isn’t over — here are the biggest differences between the House and Senate bills

The GOP tax plan is headed for a conference committee. Here are the differences between the House and Senate bills that it will have to work out.

Senate Republicans made a last-minute change to their tax bill that could cause significant problems for companies

The Senate GOP tax bill keeps the corporate alternative minimum tax, which could have a slew of negative consequences for businesses.

The GOP is set to eliminate one of the biggest benefits of owning a home

Both the House's and the Senate's tax bill could remove tax benefits for homeowners.
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Goldman Sachs doesn’t think the Republican tax bill would be a big boost to the US economy

The Goldman Sachs US economic team said the GOP tax bill would boost GDP growth by 0.3 percentage points in 2018 and 2019, below Republicans' promises

The Senate passed the massive GOP tax bill in the middle of the night — here’s what’s in it

Here are the changes in the Senate Republican tax bill from Obamacare mandate repeal to a lower corporate tax rate to individual tax bracket changes.
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The Senate passed the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, moving it closer to becoming law and Trump's first major legislative victory.

Trump triumphs after the Senate passes the ‘biggest tax bill and tax cuts in history’

President Donald Trump applauded the passage of the Senate tax bill early Saturday morning after a long debate over the plan.