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Landing a Facebook job isn't just about your degree or who you know.

A Facebook exec breaks down the 2 biggest misconceptions about landing a job at the tech giant

Facebook VP of HR Janelle Gale dispelled certain common misconceptions about landing a job at the tech company.

Here’s how the ‘unlimited’ plans from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile compare

The 'unlimited' plan space has moved fast and furiously over the past few months, so we've put the offerings from the big four carriers head to head.

YouTube is the most lucrative platform for creators — with Etsy and Instagram trailing behind

In 2016, content creators made a collective $3.2 billion from YouTube.

There’s an invite-only ‘Soho House for nerds’ launching soon in NYC

The members-only club aims to foster diverse connections within New York's tech community.
Quinn Norton.

New York Times hires and fires head opinion writer within 7 hours over her friendship with a Nazi and racist slurs

Twitter users were offended by her friendship with an infamous neo-Nazi who writes for The Daily Stormer, a hacker and internet troll known as "weev."
Elon Musk is one busy guy.

A look at the demanding schedule of Elon Musk, who works in 5-minute slots, skips breakfast, and largely avoids emails

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, leads a busy life as the mastermind behind two major tech companies.

Stocks are getting whacked

The slide is being mirrored by declines in other stock markets around the world.

A little-known technology that Fitbit and Apple are exploring could be the answer to healthy eating and peak performance

Glucose monitoring lets people track their blood sugar and see how food affects their body. Normally used by diabetics, the tech may hold promise for others.
The Hydrogen One definitely isn't trying to be like most smartphones.

RED announced its $1,200 smartphone is coming this summer — take a look at all its futuristic technologies

In a more recent update on the smartphone's status, RED's founder, Jim Jannard, shared additional details and a rough estimate of a release date.