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Amazon is rising after hiking the price of a monthly Prime membership

The price of an Amazon Prime membership in the US is going from $10.99 per month to $12.99.

IBM slides despite reporting its first profit growth in almost 6 years

Shares of IBM were down on Friday despite beating analysts expectations for fourth-quarter earnings.

A ton of new smartphones were announced last week at CES — here are the 11 to keep an eye on

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) introduced several interesting smartphones last week. Here

Here’s the evidence Apple shareholders used to show that smartphones are addictive for kids

A growing body of research has found kids are particularly vulnerable to overuse of smartphones and other devices.

The ‘father of the iPod’ says tech addiction would worry Steve Jobs if he were alive today

If Jobs were to see the extent of today's tech addiction, Tony Fadell said Jobs would say "Hey, we need to do something about it."

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech-free — and it should’ve been a red flag

A new book suggests the signs may have been clear a decade ago, based on the attitudes of Silicon Valley elite, that smartphone use should be regulated.
A virtual-reality experience that alters the wearer's sense to simulate autism is one of the best designed products of the year.

The best-designed products of 2017

Each year, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) chooses its favorite products. Here are some of the top picks from this year.
A man uses an iris recognition scanner during the Biometrics 2004 exhibition and conference October 14, 2004 in London.

Password-free smartphones are no longer the stuff of science fiction — they’re everywhere

Less than five years ago, fingerprint and eye scanners in smartphones seemed like a mad-scientist's dream.

12 tech trends that will define 2018

No one can predict how the future will shake out in terms of upcoming tech trends, but we can make some educated guesses.

After 6 years and $1.9 billion, secretive Magic Leap unveils its smart glasses for first time

Magic Leap updated its website on Wednesday morning, revealing its highly anticipated augmented-reality smart glasses for the first time.