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Ahmed Hassan in disguise on a train.

Here’s every way the London Tube bomber tried to cover his tracks — and failed

A series of disguises and destroying his SIM card couldn't help Ahmed Hassan get away.
Jeff Daniels in "The Looming Tower."

Hulu’s new series ‘The Looming Tower’ is a gripping drama about government infighting between the CIA and FBI in the lead-up to 9/11...

Hulu's latest original series, "The Looming Tower," is a gripping political drama of the events that lead up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police makes a statement outside of New Scotland Yard on March 24, 2017 in London, England.

4 far-right terrorist plots have been foiled in the last year in the UK, and the threat is only growing

Britain's head of counter-terrorism policing has warned of unsettling similarities between Islamist terrorism and the far-right.
Mohammed Kamal Hussain.

An ISIS recruiter who tried to radicalise strangers over Facebook is in prison after someone sent screenshots to police

Mohammed Kamal Hussain sent a message to someone hoping they would become a jihadist. They told the authorities instead.
Rakhmat Akilov running away after killing five people in Stockholm, Sweden.

A terrorist who killed 5 people in a truck ramming seemed disappointed when he found out ISIS never claimed his attack

Rakhmat Akilov seemed upset that his attack in Stockholm, Sweden, did not warrant the group's approval.
Shafi Mohammed Saleem.

A prolific pro-ISIS Twitter user has been convicted of promoting terrorism

Shafi Mohammed Saleem had nearly two dozen accounts on Twitter and Instagram where he posted messages supporting the terrorist group.
President Donald Trump, flanked by Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, held a bipartisan meeting with legislators on immigration reform at the White House on Tuesday.

Trump is dead-set on ending ‘chain migration’ in the immigration deal — here’s what it is

An attempted suicide bombing in New York City sparked a fresh wave of condemnation for family-sponsored immigration, which allowed the suspect to enter the US.

Theresa May accuses Facebook of helping terrorists, child abusers, and slave traders

The prime minister will tell tech investors to "put pressure" on social media companies to crack down on extremist content on their networks.
An illustration of a nuclear bomb exploding in a city.

People are stockpiling special pills to guard against radioactive fallout — but here’s what you actually need in a nuclear survival kit

People anxious about a North Korean or terrorist nuclear explosion are buying up potassium iodide pills, but the supplement has an extremely limited use.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a NATO event in Jerusalem.

Israel claims it has prevented ‘several dozen major terrorist attacks’ in Europe — some involving planes

Benjamin Netanyahu made the claim of Israel's intelligence services during a meeting with a NATO ambassador in Jerusalem.