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Not a fan of China trade duties.

Tesla fires back at NTSB over the investigation into fatal Autopilot crash, says it will complain to Congress

Tesla is in a spat with the NTSB over an investigation into a fatal Model X accident involving Autopilot.
Tesla's Autopilot is not capable of fully autonomous driving.

A Tesla owner got pulled over for sticking his feet out the window while the car was on Autopilot

The Tesla owner said he convinced the judge that Autopilot can drive a Model S autonomously, but his ticket was dismissed for a different reason.

If you have a Tesla and use Autopilot, please keep your hands on the steering wheel

OPINION: It's an ongoing temptation to think Tesla's can drive themselves, but that's not possible, and Tesla should immediately disable the Autosteer feature.

Tesla won’t formally cooperate with the NTSB on fatal Autopilot crash investigation

Tesla has withdrawn from an investigation "party agreement" with National Transportation Safety Board.
Elon Musk says a Tesla car will drive from LA to New York City autonomously by early 2018.

The most impressive things Tesla’s cars can do in Autopilot

Tesla's Autopilot feature continues to bring us closer to fully autonomous cars.

We tested out Tesla Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise — here’s which one we liked better

The two best semi-self-diving features in the car market right now are Tesla Autopilot and Cadillac Super Cruise.

Automakers are making big investments in a key piece of self-driving-car technology that Tesla is avoiding

Major automakers are increasingly betting on Lidar, while Tesla is sticking with its own tech.
Super Cruising to the nation's capital!

Cadillac’s Super Cruise is the biggest challenger to Tesla’s Autopilot — and we took it on a road trip

Cadillac recently invited me to sample Super Cruise in its natural, and only, environment: a long highway drive from New York City to Washington, DC.
Truly hands-free highway driving?

Cadillac’s new self-driving tech is no Tesla Autopilot — and that’s a good thing

Cadillac invited me to test it out the system on a drive from New York City to Washington, DC.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik explains why systems like Tesla’s Autopilot could be a ‘big problem’

Krafcik made his comment a day after the National Transportation Safety Board said Tesla Autopilot contributed to a fatal accident in May 2016.