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Vin Diesel in "Furious 7."

‘Fast and Furious’ movies might cause hyped-up audiences to drive too fast, according to a NYT study of speeding tickets

"The Fast and the Furious" may cause an increase in speeding, according to a New York Times study of traffic tickets in Montgomery County, Maryland.

How reporters Jodi Kantor, Irin Carmon, and Kim Masters exposed sexual harassment and started a national reckoning

Three journalists have helped expose sexual harassment and start a national reckoning. Here's how they did it.
"Rent is so high they can't even afford a car," a partner at Patterson and Sheridan told The New York Times.

San Francisco rent is so expensive that a law firm bought a $3 million plane to fly its people in from Texas instead of having them live there

Rent in San Francisco is three times that in Houston. To cut costs, the law firm Patterson and Sheridan flies its Houston lawyers to the Bay Area monthly.
Harvey Weinstein in Switzerland.

Former New York Times reporter says paper once killed story on Weinstein’s sexual harassment after pressure from Matt Damon and Russell Crowe

The founder of The Wrap said the New York Times gutted a story involving allegations of sexual harassment against the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in 2004.
Harvey Weinstein and Jay-Z

Harvey Weinstein plans to sue The New York Times for a reported $50 million over its bombshell sexual harassment expose

Weinstein's lawyer, who represented Hulk Hogan in the Gawker case, has said that the studio mogul will be suing the publication.

This 1979 letter to The New York Times shows just how much Xerox hates people using its name as a verb

Xerox has long objected to the verbification of its corporate trademark.

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens responds to letter from climate scientists: ‘I find their reaction odd’

Bret Stephens' debut column in The New York Times on climate change prompted a firestorm of criticism from readers, activists, and scientists alike.

Actress Emily Ratajkowski calls out a reporter for ‘slut-shaming’ Melania Trump

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski defended First Lady Melania Trump after a New York Times reporter referred to Melania as a "hooker" at a party.

We asked 11 media outlets how their coverage has changed since Trump’s election — here’s what they said

Trump's contempt for mainstream media outlets has drawn the relationship between journalists and the president into murky territory.

Rick Perry reportedly had a different idea about what the energy secretary does

Apparently, Perry didn't exactly know what the job entailed.