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How to buy and sell bitcoin using one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps on the iPhone

The value of one bitcoin was recently over $11,000, but it continues to fluctuate wildly.
International Trade Secretary Liam Fox

Liam Fox slapped down by May after accusing British business of not wanting to trade abroad

The International Trade Secretary said the Britain's hopes of being a successful trading nation after Brexit are being hampered by British businesses.
Trump welcomes Canada's Trudeau before their about the NAFTA trade agreement at the White House in Washington

3 maps show why NAFTA is so important to the US

President Donald Trump has threatened to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement, but trade with Mexico and Canada is a billion-dollar industry in most US states.

Trump threatens to pull out of NAFTA, but there’s a reason he’s probably bluffing

ANALYSIS: President Donald Trump will need a cooperative Republican congress to pass tax cuts, and torching free trade agreements could risk that.

Trump is right about American cars in Japan — but the situation is never going to change

Japan's home market is simply too small for a fair-trade relationship with the US to raise sales of American cars from their currently tiny numbers.
Wilbur Ross speaks at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Fort Washington, National Harbor, Maryland

Wilbur Ross is making a sweeping claim about US-Mexico trade but the facts don’t back it up

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the US had a trade surplus with Mexico every year before NAFTA, but that is not correct.

BANK OF AMERICA: 2 charts show why ripping up NAFTA wouldn’t solve Trump’s big issues with the deal

The evidence available favors the position that changing NAFTA wouldn't reduce the US trade deficit or increase US manufacturing jobs meaningfully.

One economist says the peso could crash by as much as 25% if NAFTA collapses

The Mexican peso might tumble if NAFTA talks collapse.
US President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Trump’s erratic trade policies are already undermining a key driver of economic prosperity

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump hasn't followed through on all of his trade policy threats. But his rhetoric has been enough to shake foreign investor confidence.

The Mexican peso is tumbling as the US comes out with tough NAFTA demands

The US came out swinging during the fourth round of NAFTA renegotiations, and the peso is falling.