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It might be healthier to run a mile than a marathon

Interval workouts may actually be healthier than extremely long ones, even though they consume far less time. Here's why.

Impressive photos of the US and South Korea’s massive air drills that should have North Korea on edge

This week will see 230 warplanes, from both the US and South Korean Air Forces, fly over eight US and South Korean military bases.

5 surprising facts about getting into shape, according to a professional trainer

Some of the greatest benefits of your training might actually be related to your mental health.

‘It is very scary’: a Victoria’s Secret model trainer was shocked by London’s obsession with this high-intensity workout

Gelband is most famed for sculpting the bodies of Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shaik, Karlie Kloss, and Martha Hunt.

Mattis and US military leaders are trying to get rid of the worst parts of military service

The US military has suffered from readiness and training issues, and the brass is trying new measures to fix the problem.

We’ve been worried about technology stealing jobs for 200 years but one solution is plain to see

Training for a new profession is what workers have been told to do for decades as machines, lower-wage rivals, or a lousy economy threaten their jobs.

The insane workouts Alison Brie did to get in shape for her new show

Alison Brie is a beast in the gym, it turns out. Her trainer ran down all the ways she got in incredible shape for Netflix's "GLOW."

7 amazing ‘superpowers’ that humans can develop to deal with extreme conditions

Some of us can always point in the direction of home, others dive deep into the sea, and others learn to control body temperature to resist cold.

Walmart is using virtual reality to train its employees

The world's largest retailer is employing VR to train employees at all 200 of its training facilities by the end of 2017.