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Members of the National Transportation Safety Board investigate the scene where a pedestrian bridge collapsed a few days after it was built over southwest 8th street allowing people to bypass the busy street to reach Florida International University on March 16, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

Striking time-lapse shows how the ‘construction marvel’ bridge that killed 6 people was installed in just a few hours

Considered a "construction marvel," the FIU bridge that buckled was installed using Accelerated Bridge Construction methods.

Marques Brownlee, ‘the best technology reviewer on the planet,’ talks about the past four years and his plans beyond YouTube

Marques Brownlee has produced nearly 1,000 videos for YouTube, including tutorials, reviews, interviews, impressions, and explainers.

The US cities with the worst commutes to work

A new study looks at the relationship between commute length, income, housing prices, and college education attainment.

Tesla jumps after saying it expanded its charging network in China

Tesla said it has expanded its charging network in China, a Chinese news agency reported.
Form, meet function.

The Tesla Model 3 interior is unlike anything we have ever seen before

Tesla has reset expectations with the interior of the Model 3, the company's long-awaited mass-market vehicle.

China’s Didi, SoftBank to roll out taxi venture in Japan

Passengers boarding...

This is the most annoying — and potentially dangerous — thing about new cars

The good old park-reverse-neutral-drive shifter setups of old, when you simply moved a shifter up and down, have given way to more elaborate systems.

We drove a $90,000 Lincoln Navigator for a week and saw why Ford can’t build the SUV fast enough

The new Navigator embodies Lincoln's "quiet luxury" philosophy at a massive scale.

There’s a major hurdle to employment that many Americans don’t even think about — and it’s holding the economy back

When it comes to staying financially afloat and keeping food on her family’s table, getting a job was only half the battle.