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Inside Emirates’ new first class suites with virtual windows and NASA-inspired seats

Zach Honig, editor at "The Points Guy," flew first class in Emirates' new Boeing 777 aircraft. The suites feature virtual windows and NASA-inspired seats.
Who wouldn't want to retire to a warm European seaside town?

9 destinations in Europe where retirees are happy and housing is affordable

Retiring in Europe is both a glamorous and realistic option for Americans.
Malaga, Spain, has great food and beautiful architecture.

10 of the most popular places to visit for the holiday season

Aruba, Buenos Aires, and Montreal made American Express Travel's list of this season's most popular travel destinations.

The 28 safest American cities to live in

A new report looks at the cities with the lowest violent and property crime rates in the US.
A disco boat on the Wandrahmsfleet in the Warehouse District of Hamburg, Germany at night.

This under-the-radar European city has been named the best in the world for a night out

It was named the most welcoming city to tourists, the best place to meet new people, and the easiest to get around on public transport.
People walk past an American Airlines office, which is not operational yet, in Havana, Cuba

American Airlines is facing a ‘crisis’ after computer glitch leaves thousands of Christmas week flights without a pilot

Thousands of American Airlines flight could be canceled because of a problem with the company's scheduling system.
In Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can grab a bottle of domestic beer for just £0.39.

26 European cities where you can live on less than £600 a month

Seeing the world isn't always kind to your bank balance. In these 26 cities, you can live comfortably on less than £600 to make your money go further.