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Ivanka Trump opened a store in Trump Tower in defiance of Nordstrom — here’s what it’s like

Ivanka Trump's fashion brand just opened its first store, in Trump Tower.
Rob Goldstone.

Emails show the man who set up a meeting between the Trump campaign and a Russian lawyer reportedly contacted a Trump staffer afterward

Rob Goldstone, a key player in the scrutinized Trump Tower meeting, reportedly sent follow-up emails to a Trump official and other Russians who attended.
President Donald Trump speaking in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City.

Condo prices at Trump Tower are plummeting to their lowest value since the Great Recession

Analysts say Trump's presidency could be a factor in the declining real-estate prices.

Manafort is reportedly blocking the FBI from reviewing his interview with Congress about the Trump Tower meeting

Attorneys for Paul Manafort are reportedly blocking Robert Mueller from obtaining a transcript of his interview with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Trump reportedly shows Obama’s Inauguration Day letter to Oval Office visitors

Trump has shown the letter to Oval Office visitors, as well as to people visiting his private White House residence.

‘False and wholly unsubstantiated’: Trump’s lawyer pushes back on Steele dossier allegations amid Russia firestorm

Trump's longtime lawyer "vehemently" disputed the allegations made against him in an explosive and unverified Trump-Russia dossier.

The Secret Service grilled a non-violent Trump protester about whether she wanted to harm the president — then tracked down her neighbors i...

A liberal activist was detained and interrogated after unfurling a banner in the atrium of Trump Tower, reading, "Women Resist White Supremacy."

‘We’ll see about Mr. Bannon:’ Trump won’t say he has confidence in his embattled White House chief strategist

President Donald Trump declined to say that he has confidence in his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who has long feuded with other top Trump advisers.

Why Trump Tower is surrounded by dump trucks filled with sand for Trump’s visit to NYC

Some complain about the inconvenience caused by the trucks taking up a lane on a busy street, but they serve a very practical role in protecting the president.

Secret Service moves out of Trump Tower over alleged lease dispute

The dispute reportedly involved multiple elements of the lease, including the price.