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Al Franken.

Some conservatives are starting to come to Al Franken’s defense, saying he was taken out by a ‘lynch mob’

Al Franken found some unlikely defenders after it became clear he would resign from his seat following a bevy of sexual harassment allegations.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson speaks at Business Insider's IGNITION conference.

Tucker Carlson explains why he has avoided covering sexual-harassment stories about Fox News

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he didn't cover sexual-harassment allegations against his former colleagues because did not have anything to add.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson at Business Insider's IGNITION.

Tucker Carlson defends Fox News’ coverage of Hillary Clinton, Uranium One story

Tucker Carlson defended his coverage of Uranium One during an interview with Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson.
Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

CNN dismisses Tucker Carlson’s claim that management is directing hosts to discredit former DNC chair Donna Brazile

Tucker Carlson claimed that CNN was trying to intentionally discredit Donna Brazile.

Tucker Carlson says he was joking when he praised Trump for staring at the eclipse without glasses

Tucker Carlson said he was obviously joking when he praised President Donald Trump for looking at Monday's solar eclipse without protective eyewear.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says Trump staring at the eclipse without glasses is ‘perhaps the most impressive thing any president has done...

Tucker Carlson of Fox News praised President Donald Trump's decision to look at the solar eclipse without protective eyewear.

Tucker Carlson confronts filmmaker about bizarre reports of ‘gypsies’ defecating in public in Pennsylvania

Fox News' Tucker Carlson interviewed a filmmaker about reports of a group of Romani-American immigrants who are defecating in public.

‘I snuck on your show’: Democratic congressman who wants to impeach Trump clashes with Tucker Carlson on Fox

Sherman clashed with Carlson over the congressman's introduction of the articles of impeachment against Trump.