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The man once tasked with investigating Bill Clinton denounces Trump for treating Sessions like a ‘piñata’

Kenneth Starr, who also served as US solicitor general and a federal judge, said Trump's behavior is damaging to the presidency and inimical to the rule of law.

The Jaguars asked fans to show their excitement for the season with GIFs, and it completely backfired

Jaguars fans showed their feelings for the upcoming season, and judging by their tweets they're preparing for a long year

‘This is astonishing’: Experts say Trump’s attacks on Sessions are unprecedented

There is no historical precedent for President Donald Trump's recent public denunciations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to experts.

Twitter didn’t add any new users last quarter, and the stock is diving

Though it still beat Wall Street's expectations for revenue, Twitter didn't grow its user base at all during its second quarter.

Veterans sound off on Trump’s statement on barring transgender people from the military

Veterans from all over the country are weighing in on Trump's recent announcement that transgender people will be banned from serving in the US military.

Republicans are starting to rally to Jeff Sessions’ defense amid Trump’s attacks

Trump has been ripping into his attorney general over Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation.

‘The problem is how often you watch TV’: Top Democrat responds to Trump calling him ‘sleazy’

Rep. Adam Schiff shot back at President Donald Trump after he called Schiff "sleazy" and accused him of spending "all of his time on television."

Trump rages against ‘leaks’ and ‘Special Council’ Mueller’s investigation in tweetstorm

Trump kicked off the weekend with a series of tweets taking aim at leaks, Mueller's investigation, and Hillary Clinton.

Hugh Hewitt compares group of GOP senators opposed to healthcare bill to a ‘Game of Thrones’ kill list

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt called out the group of Republican senators who have refused to support the GOP healthcare bill.

An UberEats courier’s hilarious response to his customer is going viral

A sassy response to customer made a Tweet go viral on