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Airlines are increasingly using vouchers over cash — here are the secrets for how to use them

Here's what you need to know when buying tickets with airline travel vouchers.
United quickly moved from an initial offer of a $1,000 voucher to a $10,000 voucher.

United actually offered someone a $10,000 voucher for giving up her seat — here’s a step-by-step guide of what she did

United was allegedly eager to give the passenger a voucher instead of cash. The passenger live-tweeted her ordeal.
United has been at the center of a series of customer service scandals in the past year.

A United passenger is suing the airline after he allegedly fractured his spine on a plane

United passenger Greg Woienski had his wheelchair taken from him before boarding a February 2017 flight from Orlando to Newark, a new lawsuit alleges.
United CEO Oscar Munoz has taken steps to improve the company's culture and performance, but it hasn't been enough.

United can’t avoid customer service scandals — and it’s becoming the company’s greatest crisis

United CEO Oscar Munoz has taken steps to fix the company's culture, but he still has plenty of work to do.
The remains of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 at a salvage yard in Marana, Arizona.

This jarring photo shows the death of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet in America

It's the end of the road for this Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet.
United has struggled to rehabilitate its image over the past year.

2 veteran United flight attendants won $800,000 in a lawsuit after a supervisor made an absurd claim about iPads

United Airlines said the flight attendants were fired for watching a video on an iPad and failing to wear their aprons on a flight.

United is making a big change to its pet policy after a puppy tragically died in an overhead bin during a flight

On Tuesday, United Airlines said that it would temporarily stop transporting pets in the cargo holds of its aircraft as it reviews its PetSafe program.
United had three dog-related mishaps last week.

United put another family’s pet dog on the wrong flight forcing the airline to divert the plane

The dog was mistakenly placed on the United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to St. Louis.
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8.

The 11 best and worst airlines in America

Some of the best airlines in America include Southwest, Alaska, JetBlue, Hawaiian, and Delta.

United Airlines has a long history of infuriating customers — here are its worst customer service incidents

United Airlines has dealt with a large number of highly-publicized customer service incidents over the past few years.