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The US will reportedly deploy attack drones to South Korea after the Olympic Games

The 12 attack drones could be used to kill North Korean leaders or strike military targets.
Anti-regime protestors demonstrate outside the Iranian embassy on January 2, 2018 in London, England.

Nearly 5,000 people were arrested during Iran’s bloody month of protests

The protests were Iran's biggest unrest in nearly a decade and 492 people remain in custody.

Trump asks Congress to pass legislation making sure US aid ‘only goes to America’s friends’

The White House announced its plans to cut foreign aid in its 2018 budget proposal and has since moved to cut millions.
Tea breaks are as ubiquitous in Britain as ... well ... tea. In America, not so much.

6 major differences between how Americans and Brits work

The difference between American and British work styles is not as stark as you might expect — but some traditions die hard.

Dozens of refugees held in camps near Australia are finally heading to the US, despite Trump’s objections

The refugee resettlements come as the full picture of immigration reform in the US remains in flux.
A Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov SSV-175, is seen docked at a Havana port February 27, 2014. A Russian spy ship quietly slipped into Havana Bay earlier this week and was docked at a cruise ship terminal on Thursday, its crew casually taking in the view of the old colonial section of the Cuban capital as passers-by gawked.

A Russian spy ship is snooping around US nuclear submarine bases — here’s what it’s up to

'In a time of peace you might say, 'We're not at war with Russia, so why should we show them how we'd jam their equipment?'' a former US security official said.
US vice President Mike Pence is seen with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an official welcome ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office on January 22, 2018 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Mike Pence hopes for a ‘new era’ in Middle East peace talks, but Palestinians are looking for partners elsewhere

Palestinian leaders refused to meet with Pence, and instead met with EU officials to discuss a path forward

Forget factories, most companies plan to use their overseas cash to pay down debts

In a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of the companies polled said they'd use the cash they'd stashed overseas to pay down debts. Might Apple be among them?

The hourly wage needed to rent a two-bedroom home in every state

This map shows what you need to earn per hour to afford a two-bedroom rental home without paying more than 30% of your income.