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Robinhood, the stock trading app loved by millennial investors and cryptocurrency traders, could soon be a $5.6 billion company

Robinhood is finalizing a new funding round led by DST Global, the firm led by influential Russian billionaire Yuri Miller, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Tech billionaires and the Hollywood elite gathered on a rooftop bar in Austin for SXSW 2018.

Ashton Kutcher’s venture fund held one of the most exclusive and bonkers parties at SXSW, the world’s wildest tech conference — take...

Tech billionaires and Hollywood's elite gathered for Sound Ventures' "The Party" at SXSW 2018.
Lucio Lanza, founder of Lanza Tech Ventures

The 29-year-old startup founder who accused a 73-year-old Silicon Valley investor of sexually assaulting her on a red-eye flight says ‘multiple&...

29-year-old Danae Vachata filed a lawsuit in February alleging that investor Lucio Lanza sexually assaulted her. Now, she says, more women are coming forward.
Uber founder Travis Kalanick.

Uber founder and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick is launching a venture fund focused on India and China

Travis Kalanick's new venture capital fund will focus on investments with the overarching theme of 'large scale job creation'
Doug Dennerline started his new role as CEO of BetterWorks on Wednesday.

7 months after a sexual harassment scandal, the human resources startup BetterWorks has a new CEO

Doug Dennerline, a former Cisco executive, addressed the BetterWorks staff at an all-hands on Wednesday.

30 rising stars in the New York tech investing scene worth watching

We've rounded up a list 30 up-and-comers in the New York VC scene that are ahead of the curve.
Dick Costolo

Dick Costolo explains why he shut down his fitness startup after 8 months: ‘We were up against hard-wired human behavior’

The former Twitter CEO says his app was in conflict with a deep-seated human psychological phenomenon known as "abstinence violation effect."
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon is spending $1 billion to buy doorbell-camera startup Ring, a ‘Shark Tank’ reject that turned into a massive success story

Amazon is acquiring Ring, a startup that makes a popular line of video-camera doorbells.
Canaan general partner Wende Hutton

A woman who’s worked in venture capital for 25 years shares her best career advice — and why it was worth being the first and only woman o...

Throughout Wende Hutton's career, she's brought her children to board meetings, coexisted with a "band of brothers," and mentored future female leaders.
Peter Thiel

The life and rise of billionaire investor Peter Thiel, Trump’s biggest Silicon Valley supporter — who might be moving to Los Angeles

If you take every classic tale of about Silicon Valley and combine them into one human being, you'd get Peter Thiel.