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People on Twitter can’t tell if these shoes are pink or grey — here’s the right answer

A photos of a pair of Vans has the internet in a heated debate over their color.
The job advert prompted an outcry from Twitter users who noted current employee Melissa Sinclair was both underpaid and overworked.

Hundreds of people on Twitter are responding to this painfully honest job ad accidentally posted by Time Out

The ad, which appears to have been posted by mistake, describes all of the unbearable working conditions that come with the role.

An UberEats courier’s hilarious response to his customer is going viral

A sassy response to customer made a Tweet go viral on

A Manchester salon is going viral after a former employee hijacked the Facebook account and told customers to ‘piss off’

Salon owner Uzma said that a former employee had hijacked the account and locked her ex-colleagues out.

How two founders got nearly 1 million users for their app before it even existed

After going viral on Hacker News, Robinhood had nearly one million interested users before it launched. Here's how they marketed the app without spending money.

Snapchat’s dancing hot dog is taking the internet by storm

Snapchat's latest AR lens puts a dancing hot dog in the real world. Now he's a meme.

Britain’s most hated train company put a 15-year-old in charge of its social media — and it went surprisingly well

Eddie, a 15-year-old, rose to the challenge of dealing with thousands of irate commuters.

The parents in that viral BBC interview video have finally broken their silence

The parents in the viral BBC interview are sharing what it's like to become overnight celebrities.