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Democrats are sweeping statehouse seats, and it’s making the GOP nervous

Democrats have flipped 39 state legislative seats since President Donald Trump took office, many of them in deeply red districts Trump swept in 2016.
U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Lauren Yancey, and Chantal Hogue, 20th Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management apprentices, and Senior Airman Jordan Gagne, 20th Aerospace Medicine Squadron bioenvironmental engineering journeyman, assess their gages while checking for simulated hazardous chemicals during an integrated base emergency response capability training at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., Dec. 9, 2014.

Marines released from the hospital after 11 people showed symptoms after opening suspicious letter on military base

The letter has been sent to an FBI lab in Quantico for further study, and the FBI and NCIS will conduct a joint investigation into the incident.

At least 11 people being treated for symptoms after opening suspicious letter on Marine Corps base

Firefighters and paramedics are responding to al incident possibly involving hazardous materials.
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is in Arlington, Virginia.

Amazon employees just accidentally dropped a big clue about where the new headquarters could be

An internal Amazon page has apparently sent a lot of traffic to an article on a news site in Arlington, Virginia.

The random bowl drawing to decide a pivotal seat in Virginia could have a huge impact on healthcare for 400,000 people

The random selection of Republican David Yancey over Democrat Shelly Simonds in a Virginia House of Delegates race could impact the Medicaid expansion push.

Virginia Republican wins pivotal race in random-hat drawing

Republican David Yancey prevailed in a pivotal Virginia House of Delegates election after his name was randomly drawn from a bowl by state officials.

Virginia’s pivotal election will be determined by selecting the winner out of a hat

Which party has control of the Virginia House will be determined when election officials select the winner of a race that is tied by drawing names out of a hat.

A crucial House district race in Virginia could be decided by drawing names out of a bowl

A Democratic candidate lost her one-vote lead over her Republican opponent in Virginia's House of Delegates race. Now an unusual decision process begins.

The single vote determining control of Virginia’s legislature is now hanging in the balance — and it could come down to a coin flip

One ballot in Virginia has come under dispute as officials determine who has control of the Virginia legislature.

In something out of a movie, it looks like Democrats in Virginia are about to score a huge victory based on a single vote

Virginia Democrats appeared to secure a massive victory on Tuesday — by just a single vote.