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Donald Trump.

Trump is in a massive political slump

President Donald Donald Trump suffered another major political defeat Tuesday in deep-red Alabama — his second in one Senate race and third consecutive.
Republican Rep. Scott Taylor of Virginia.

‘If it was my daughter, I’d break his face’: Republican lawmaker and former Navy SEAL unleashes on Roy Moore

Rep. Scott Taylor said he didn't "feel comfortable" with Roy Moore's response to allegations that he initiated a sexual encounter with an underage girl in 1979.
Donald Trump.

Republicans are pointing fingers in every direction after embarrassing election-night annihilation

Republicans suffered brutal losses in Virginia — and the establishment and insurgent right are pointing fingers at who is responsible for what went wrong.

Republicans are worried about 2018 after the Democrats’ Election Day travesty this week

The Democratic wave Tuesday night could have been a bellweather, becoming a major cause of concern for the 2018 midterms.

Vulnerable Republican congresswoman from the state where the GOP just got clobbered says she isn’t changing her game plan for 2018

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock, who represents Virginia's 10th district, has several challengers looking to unseat her in 2018.
2017 Virginia election map.

This small sliver of Virginia is why Ralph Northam crushed his Republican opponent and did better than Hillary Clinton in 2016

One small corner of Virginia helps show exactly where Northam was able to cement both his crushing of Gillespie and his outperformance of Clinton.
Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie.

The exit polls from Virginia expose looming problems for Trump in 2018

Data collected by pollsters after the election showed how antipathy to the president seemingly shaped a mini-wave of Democratic victories in Virginia.
Scenes from election night 2016.

People are posting hilarious before and after memes of Election Day 2016 vs. 2017

People across the internet are using hilarious before and after memes to contrast their feelings about the 2016 election with 2017's election season.
Chris Hurst spoke to reporters in August 2015 after his girlfriend and fellow TV reporter was killed.

Former TV anchor Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend was killed on-air, beat an incumbent Republican in rural Virginia

Chris Hurst, a journalist who lost his girlfriend to gun violence, beat an NRA-supported Republican incumbent in a rural southwest Virginia district on Tuesday.

Democrats just picked up their biggest gains in the Virginia House since the 1800s as part of a complete annihilation

Almost no one thought Tuesday's Virginia election would be a massive Democratic victory.