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President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in shake hands during a meeting at South Korea’s presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea, November 7, 2017.

A new era of diplomatic relations with North Korea is on the horizon — here’s what’s happened so far

A lot has happened between North and South Korea in recent weeks. Here's what's going on.

Trump reportedly erupted at Michael Cohen when the lawyer presented him with a photo of man claiming to be Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly once presented him with photos of Bill Clinton and a man claiming to be his illegitimate son — and Trump had none of it.
Joanna Hendon.

Those who know Trump’s newest lawyer are surprised to see her there — but think she’s up to the task

It came as a surprise to some who know or have worked with Joanna Hendon that she was representing President Donald Trump in the case involving Michael Cohen.
Rob Porter (back) Trump (L) and Reince Priebus (R)

This handy graphic explains how federal security clearances really work

As security clearance levels continue to pop up in the news, it's important to get a sense of how they actually work.
Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and White House adviser Jared Kushner

Tillerson says he knows who in the Trump administration got him fired: ‘And they know I know’

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said White House adviser Jared Kushner wanted him out before he was fired.

White House staffers say Sean Hannity is Trump’s ‘shadow’ chief of staff

Sean Hannity, the influential and controversial Fox News host, is known by some in the White House as President Donald Trump's unofficial chief of staff.
A sketch of the man Stormy Daniels says threatened her in a parking lot in 2011.

Stormy Daniels just released a sketch of the man she said threatened her in 2011 — and the internet is torn over whether it looks more like...

Daniels took to ABC's "The View" with her attorney and released a sketch of the man she said once threatened her to "leave Trump alone."
George and Barbara Bush in 2000

Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away on Tuesday at age 92 at her home in Houston after suffering from COPD and congestive heart failure.
Sean Hannity.

Fox News says it was blindsided by Hannity’s surprise relationship with Michael Cohen — but he has its ‘full support’

Fox News said that it was surprised to find out about Sean Hannity's relationship with Michael Cohen but that it conducted a review and stood by its host.