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Robert Mueller’s ‘pit bull’ is coming under intense scrutiny over perceived anti-Trump bias

Andrew Weissman, special counsel Robert Mueller's "pit bull," has come under fire for perceived bias against President Donald Trump.

Russian operatives reportedly sent introductory emails to Hope Hicks

US officals warned White House communications director Hope Hicks that Russian operatives attempted to reach out to her earlier this year.
Donald Trump Jr.

CNN makes major correction on Trump-Russia bombshell after Washington Post threw timeline into question

CNN on Friday issued a correction to a Trump-Russia story that essentially nullified its bombshell.
Dina Powell.

One of Trump’s top national security officials is leaving the White House

One of the Trump administration's top national security officials is leaving the White House, The Washington Post reported Friday.
Donald Trump.

Trump offers explicit endorsement to ‘VOTE ROY MOORE’ hours ahead of rally near Alabama border

Trump had a message for the voters of Alabama just hours ahead of his Florida rally taking place a stone's throw from the Alabama border: "VOTE ROY MOORE!"
Donald Trump.

Trump’s long and winding history with Deutsche Bank could now be at the center of Robert Mueller’s investigation

President Donald Trump's longtime relationship with Deutsche Bank is receiving renewed attention.

GOP congressman blasts ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ at top consumer watchdog in letter filled with Harry Potter references

Republican Rep. Dennis Ross took aim at the employees who have labeled themselves "Dumbledore's Army" in an effort to resist a Trump-appointed acting director.
Melania Trump.

Melania Trump tells kids her ideal place to celebrate the holidays is a ‘deserted island’

First lady Melania Trump told a group of kids Thursday that her ideal place to spend the holiday season would be on a deserted, tropical island with her family.
Christopher Wray.

FBI director rebukes Trump, says the FBI’s reputation isn’t ‘in tatters’ and ‘worst in history’

FBI Director Christopher Wray insisted Thursday that the FBI's reputation was not "in tatters" as President Donald Trump said in a weekend tweet.
Mick Mulvaney.

Disgruntled employees at the top consumer watchdog formed ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ to resist their Trump-appointed boss

Turmoil at the CFPB is ongoing nearly two weeks after Trump moved to place Mulvaney as acting director of the independent agency.