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2 female former Uber engineers have filed a complaint about their pay and allege they were ‘ranked’ on their looks

The move appears to be an attempt to get around clauses that require arbitration and bar employees from filing class-action suits.

Sheryl Sandberg: Too many men think hiring a few women makes their companies diverse

Sandberg takes Corporate America to task for its lack of progress on diversity hiring while Facebook's own diversity numbers are lagging, too.
Alphabet CEO Larry Page

An activist investor praises Apple, and slams Google, over equal pay for women transparency

Alphabet says it pays women 99.7% equally to men but an activist investor is fighting to see the details on that claim.

Melinda Gates: Corporate America must stop demanding we all be workaholics

America's workaholic culture is one of the main obstructions to diversity, causing women and minorities to lean out, Gates argues.

An employee uprising at a dysfunctional tech workplace has led to the exit of the CEO after only 9 months on the job

The arrival of two Silicon Valley execs quickly sent Arizona-based liveops into turmoil. And after an internal investigation, the management team is out.

A man reported the sexual harassment he witnessed at his job — and got fired

'By doing the right thing, it put me behind in my careers goals, wiped out my savings,' the man, who wished to remain anonymous, told Business Insider.

This successful engineer says things are getting better for women in tech — and she’s the living proof

Merline Saintil, a powerful engineer exec at Intuit, says diversity initiatives are working.

Women who work for Google are highly satisfied with the company — with one glaring exception

If you want to know what it's really like to be a woman working at Google, it's best to ask the women. For the most part they are satisfied with the company.

A male employee claims he was fired after reporting sexual harassment at a $4 billion startup

A former male employee at $4 billion startup SoFi has filed a lawsuit. Will this be the start of more men speaking out?