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In San Francisco, you need to make over $173,000 to qualify for a mortgage.

How much you have to earn to buy a home in 23 of the most expensive places in the US right now

America's housing supply reached an all-time low last quarter, and home prices are still on the rise.

Inside New York City’s hidden neighborhood where Wall Street big shots, celebrities, and billionaire heirs mingle

New York City's East End Avenue is a little-known and secluded enclave where many of the city's richest people live.
The listing is far from the only one in the US to accept bitcoin.

Someone is selling their New Jersey house for $2.3 million in bitcoin — and it’s a growing trend

Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly accepted payment for real estate — but the strategy could have major risks for buyers.
It's a tough time for Americans to buy a home.

The 15 American cities where competition to buy a home is fiercest

San Francisco and San Jose, California, are the hardest places in America to buy a home right now.
Seattle's real estate market is still going strong.

Here’s how much it costs to buy a home in the 10 hottest housing markets of 2018

Home values in San Jose, California — which Zillow predicts will be the hottest real estate market in 2018 — are expected to gain nearly 9% over the next year.

Buying a rental property is cheaper in the winter — here are the 26 best places to make money as a landlord right now

Real estate investors pay less per square foot to buy the same rental property during the winter as they do during the spring and summer.
"Time is the last luxury," says NYC real estate broker Leonard Steinberg.

Uber and Lyft are changing where rich people buy homes in New York City

Wealthy New York City homebuyers have turned "neighborhood agnostic," according to luxury real estate broker Leonard Steinberg.
The amenities sound more like a hotel than a home.

The architect behind Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s $88 million house is building a new $500 million LA mansion that has 20 bedrooms, 7 pools, and a j...

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's $88 million Bel Air mansion pales in comparison to this architect's latest project.
It was originally listed for $84.5 million almost two years ago.

Nobody wants to buy this $79.5 million Upper East Side mansion that costs $240,000 a year in taxes

The supersized New York City townhouse has a gym and spa, and a rooftop terrace, but it also carries a giant property tax bill of over $20,000 a month.

Here’s where home prices could take the biggest hit thanks to tax reform

The GOP tax bill is expected to disproportionately hurt home prices in New York and New Jersey.