These 10 cities are basically #wellness goals — with the world’s best gyms, longest vacations, and slimmest people

As people continue to take their health more seriously, more are wondering how to maintain sprightly bodies and active minds through the stresses of working life.

That’s a question research can now answer: a new report from online home rental company Spotahome has aggregated data from sources like the OECD, CIA, WHO and other organisations, and ranked the world’s 89 major cities on a scale of 1 to 10 on 10 different areas of health.

We round up the cities topping each list with a perfect 10:

City with the best gyms: Talinn, Estonia

On average, Talinn has the best gyms in the world.

Fitness buffs will be falling over themselves to move here. Talinn’s quality gyms, according to data from Google API, have the highest average rating of every city in the world.

Most sunshine per year: Abu Dhabi, UAE

For those who hate the cold and rain, Abu Dhabi is the city for you.

For the outdoorsy types, living in Abu Dhabi ensures a constant supply of mood-boosting sunshine throughout the year, unlike the countries at the bottom of the list – where winter depression and constant rain are a common occurrence.

Longest life expectancy: Tokyo, Japan

People in Tokyo have the world’s highest life expectancy at birth.

Thanks to a healthy diet, a clean environment and loads of well-kept parks, Tokyo’s people are expected to live the longest compared to every other city on the list.

Least fast food outlets: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL has the lowest density of fast food outlets to people among the world’s major cities.

Using Tripadvisor locations, researchers found the Malaysian capital had the lowest ratio of unhealthy fast food outlets to citizens  – meaning a lower chance of walking by a MacDonalds and getting tempted to scarf down one large fries and a coke.

Lowest obesity levels: Mangalore and Chennai

Chennai city houses a population with the world’s lowest obesity rate.

Both scoring a perfect 10, these twin Indian cities tied for the title of city with the slimmest population. The people here have the lowest obesity rates for adults aged 18 and over.

Most annual leave: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The lucky workers in Riyadh get an average of 37 leave days per year.

We don’t mean a public holiday counter: this is annual leave that workers are paid to take. Using data from the USB Global Cities Ranking 2018, people from a representative batch of professions were surveyed and their annual leave was averaged. The winner? The capital of the desert kingdom, with 37 whole days of leave per year.

Best work-life balance: Moscow, Russia

Severe overtime its at its lowest in the Russian capital.

Comparing data from the OECD Better Life Index, Russia’s capital city has the least number of people working over 50 hours a week.

Best air and water: Wellington, New Zealand

The NZ capital has the world’s cleanest air and water.

Is it any surprise? New Zealand’s remarkable nature and legendary people-to-sheep ratio have made its capital is the world’s least polluted city.

Best city parks: Hamburg, Germany

A park in the Grumman city of Hamburg.

The data for this metric was crowdsourced from the Numeo Pollution Index 2018, Hamburg coming out top for the quality of green spaces and parks in the city.

Most charging stations for electric cars: London

Electric car driver in London have have most spots to charge their cars.

Counting up to 8 kilometres outward from the city centre, the English capital is the city that is the most supportive of electric car use, with the highest number of electric car charging points.

Bonus — Best overall city: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ironically, the city that legalised marijuana is also the city you’ll have to head to to live your healthiest life. The Dutch capital had the best overall average mark of 6.97 out of 10, and beat runners-up Oslo and Munich by a significant amount.