123 re-offered balance flats have been listed on HDB’s site – and 85% are in mature towns

The Straits Times

House hunters can now book HDB flats from an open Re-Offer of Balance Flats (ROF) pool at any time of the year, and select a unit as early as the next day.

In a statement, HDB said this change – which was announced by Minister Lawrence Wong in February – was part of efforts to make flats more accessible to potential home buyers. It will also allow home buyers to move into their flats earlier.

Flat buyers can view the online listing of the ROF flats anytime, submit an online application and select a unit as early as the next working day, HDB said.

Starting Tuesday (June 11), details of 123 ROF flats available have been published on the HDB InfoWEB, and applications will start from June 18.

The one-week period gives interested applicants time to gather information on the flats offered, before submitting their application, HDB said.

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Applicants will be allowed to select and book a flat on a first-come-first-served basis. They will be assessed for eligibility during the flat selection appointment, before they are allowed to book a flat, HDB added.

Of the 123 flats listed today, 105 flats (or 85 per cent) are in mature towns and 18 flats are in non-mature towns.

A fresh supply of ROF flats will be made available for open booking twice a year – in February and August.

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To allow time for preparation, online applications will be suspended for about two weeks prior to each listing.

According to HDB, the dates for the next inject of new flats will be published during these suspension periods, with details on when applications will begin.

Close to 3,400 units have been offered via the ROF exercises since August 2017,with about 3,000 households (or 88 per cent) booking a flat. Of these, 62 per cent have already collected the keys to their flats, HDB said.

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