11 drool-worthy, limited edition Starbucks merchandise sets that are only sold in Asia

Starbucks just released its 21st anniversary collection, Celestial Siren. While this series is available in the US, the company’s Asia-only merchandise is often resold for profit by third-party online sellers.

There’s no doubt that Starbucks is an institution among millenials. But though everyone’s had (and Instagrammed) coffee served in its iconic cups, the chain also sells tumblers and mugs for fans to bring home (and hopefully back to the store for eco-friendly refills).

Though every Starbucks sells these reusable cups, the nicest designs are often from Asia; especially Korea, a country known for cute packaging and a coffee-loving culture.

These cups are all limited edition, seasonal, and often sell out within days. There’s a crazy demand for exclusive designs that are especially hard to get, and some e-commerce sites exist purely for reselling and shipping these rare items to eager buyers overseas.

Already feeling the envy? Here’s our picks of the 11 best cup sets to spend your money on:

These gorgeous floral cups, coasters and coffee stirrers are only sold in spring, when cherry blossoms take over Japan and Korea.


All these products are from 2018 limited edition collections: Cherry Blossoms, Night Blossoms and Blossom Clouds.
Starbucks Singapore and Starbucks Korea 

These beautiful minimalist cups are subtle and understated – and part of Starbucks’ core collection in Asia.


The purple and yellow pastel tumblers are part of the Starbucks Pastel Collection (more colors available). The matte black cold cup is part of the Starbucks Essentials Collection, and the blue stainless steel tumbler is from the Summer 2018 collection sold in Korea only.
Starbucks Singapore Facebook, Seoul Sisters Facebook

These adorable cards and tumblers are from a 2016 autumn collection from Korea featuring endangered animals.

Designed by Studio LE, proceeds from the sale of these cups went to a Korean wild animal protection fund.
Studio LE

These three highly-collectible merch sets are the result of collaborations with famous fashion brands.

The cats and crabs tumblers are a 2016 Taiwan-exclusive collection designed by Paris-based fashion label Paul & Joe. The second series is from New York fashion brand Alice + Olivia, and the last series is a 2017, Asia-only collection from ban.do, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand.
Starbucks Taiwan, Starbucks Singapore

This raved-about 2018 mid-autumn festival series features a bunny playing in a wheat field, and gold stars.

Among the Asian countries, Starbucks Taiwan has the most Mid Autumn Festival series’ mech. Common designs include bunnies playing in a water ball, the moon, and chic cups with gold splatter.
Starbucks Singapore

This Singapore-exclusive cold cup has a little dragon playground, ferris wheel, and a mini merlion in the lid.

It’s part of a bigger set on the country’s local icons, launched in 2018.
Starbucks Singapore

This canine-themed collection celebrates the Year of the Dog.

Starbucks in Asia releases a new merch series every Chinese New Year, according to the zodiac animal representing that year. In 2018, it was the dog, before that, the monkey and rooster.
Starbucks Singapore, Starbucks Facebook

Cat lovers will swoon over this cute series featuring kitty cups, mugs, coasters, and cutlery.

It’s part of a 2018 Valentine’ Day collection from Korea, featuring two kitties in love.
Starbucks Korea

This gorgeous set features a whale swimming in a sea of stars.

The charmingly named Meteor Collection has features a whale swimming in an ocean lit by the stars. This 2018 summer collection is a Korea exclusive.
Starbucks Korea

Another whimsical, Korea-exclusive series from 2016 is all about icebergs and a ship named the SS Elma.

The series feature snowy scenes and stars.

These Christmas-themed floats, mugs and cups feature adorable foxes, penguins, and snowmen.

The fox cup and drink floats are from Starbucks Singapore’s Christmas series in 2017, and the final set is from Starbucks Korea’s Christmas series in 2017.
Starbucks Singapore, Starbucks Korea