2 boys were spotted posing like Superman while clinging onto the back of a moving car in Malaysia

The car also speeds through a red traffic light when it reaches an intersection.
Facebook / Chitran Tamil Chelvan

A video of two young boys committing a dangerous act by lying on the back of a moving car has caught the eye of angered social media users and the Johor police.

The video, posted on Facebook by Chitran Tamil Chelvan on Saturday (July 20), shows two boys clinging onto the back of a fast moving car in a pose similar to Superman.

The car then speeds through a red traffic light when it reaches an intersection.

In another picture shared, the two boys can be seen sitting on the back of the car when the car stops at a red traffic light, with one boy drinking from a plastic bottle.

According to Chitran Tamil Chelvan, the video and pictures were taken at Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. There is no specific date or time showed on the six-second video.

On Sunday, the Seri Alam police chief Superintendent, Ismail Dollah, told The Star that a report had been made following a complaint by a social media user on the video.

“The action of the children and driver is dangerous to themselves and other road users,” The Star quoted Ismail Dollah as saying.

He added: “Not only that, the car is also seen to be speeding through a red light at the intersection.”

According to New Straits Times (NST), an investigation has been launched to identify the car owner or driver, and the two boys involved in the incident.

Ismail Dollah also said the case was being investigated under Section 336 of the Penal Code for endangering the lives of others, and urged those with information to contact the state police or make a report, NST reported.

According to The Star, there were a total of 548,598 road accidents recorded in Malaysia last year, an increase from 533,875 in 2017.

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