5 exciting ice cream places in Singapore to try on Ice Cream Day, which Ronald Reagan signed into US law 25 years ago

Rejoice, ice cream lovers. It’s National Ice Cream Day in the US this weekend.
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If the balmy weather in Singapore has made you crave for ice cream more times than usual this month, there’s good reason to indulge.

According to US public law (yes, law), July is National Ice Cream Month. Best of all, the third Sunday of July in the US is celebrated as National Ice Cream Day.

The frozen treat was officially given its own month and day in 1984, when then-president Ronald Reagan made a proclamation, calling on the people of the United States to “observe these events with appropriate ceremonies and activities”.

Pretty sweet, right?

This year, Ice Cream Day falls on July 21, which is also Racial Harmony Day in Singapore. So really, there’s no excuse not to gather your friends from all walks of life for some melty sundae goodness.

We’ve rounded up five of Singapore’s most exciting ice cream brands and shops to try right now. Bon appétit!

1) Emack & Bolio’s

Toasted Smoreo in a Rice Krispie marshmallow cone, topped with toasted marshmallows from Emack & Bolio’s. A single scoop costs S$7, while a double costs S$11 and – for the adventurous – S$15 will get you three scoops.
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Unless you’re the Grinch that stole Ice Cream Day, there’s no reason to not be excited by Emack & Bolio’s first and only store in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport.

Considered by many as New York and Boston’s best ice cream, the rock ‘n’ roll-inspired brand is famous for its incredibly Instagrammable marshmallow cone menu (+S$3.50 per cone).


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On top of that, the Singapore store now offers a toasted marshmallow topping (+S$2), which involves caramelising a thick layer of marshmallow with a blowtorch.

The store has as many as 30 flavours in stock on good days, but the number drops as soon as certain flavours get snapped up and out of stock. It’s not much of a problem though – most flavours we’ve tried so far have been smash hits.

At the top of our charts: Toasted Smoreo, Chocolate Addiction, Grasshopper Pie (must-try for mint lovers), Cosmic Crunch and Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel.

2) Tom’s Palette

If you love ice cream, you would have heard of Tom’s Palette. But with a constantly changing and increasingly creative menu, the excitement at this Beach Road store never stops.

The local artisanal ice cream shop has sold flavours such as Nasi Lemak, Chee Cheong Fan, Dou Jiang You Tiao (soy milk and fried dough fritters) and Cooling Tea (or “liang teh”).


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Before you go “Eee, what’s that?”, know this: the ice cream brand has a 4.7-star (out of five stars) rating on Google from 265 reviews. That’s a near-perfect average score given by hundreds of people.

On July 20, the shop will also sell Racial Harmony Day specials Kueh Dadar and Yuan Yang.

A single scoop here is typically priced at S$4 in a cup and S$5 in a cone.

3) Little Damage

This single serving of Unicorn Tears in a cone cost us S$9. Toppings came free.
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Turquoise blue soft-serve ice cream in a gothic black cone? It doesn’t get more Insta-worthy than that.

Los Angeles’ Little Damage, located at Wheelock Place, exploded on the Insta-scene in 2017, thanks to its black-coloured gothic-looking dessert options.


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Flavours available for S$7 each are: Coffee caramel, White Chocolate (tastes like McDonald’s soft-serve) and Unicorn Tears (tastes like cookies and cream). A vegan option – Cookie Butter – costs slightly more at S$7.50.

If you want one of the famous charcoal chocolate cones, you’ll have to fork out S$2 more. Thankfully, they’re delicious. Each order also comes with one free topping.

We found the serving pretty big (especially the cone), but you’ll have to watch out for the drippy cone ends which tend to cause a mess.

Tip: You can ask for samples of the soft-serve flavours and the cone before deciding which to go with.

4) Tea Festival: Pekoe & Imp x Butterknife Folk

The ice creams are S$6.50 per cup, with the exception of Dancong Hongcha and Jasmine Green Tea, which cost S$7 each.
Business Insider/ Rachel Chia

If you’re looking for something a little more special, consider heading down to the Singapore Tea Festival at Jewel Changi Airport.

Held from July 19 to 21 only, the event features all things tea-related, including ice cream.

Making its debut at the festival is a range of artisanal tea gelato, a collaboration between local craft gelato maker Butterknife Folk and tea specialist Pekoe & Imp.

Butterknife Folk is loved for its delicious out of this world concoctions (like soy sauce-flavoured and sambal gelato), while Pekoe & Imp specialises in single origin teas.

Flavours include: Duck Shit Dancong Oolong, Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong, Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha, Raw Puer and Drifting Snowflake Jasmine Green.

And don’t worry, the Duck Shit Dancong Oolong is not actually made of duck poop. It also does not have anything to do with duck stool. According to one theory, as reported in Forbes, Duck Shit tea was named as such because the Chinese farmer who discovered it didn’t want anybody else to discover how it was cultivated.

Despite the nasty-sounding name, this type of tea is said to have a floral fragrance with a fruity sweetness. We found the gelato version to be quite strong in taste, so if you prefer a lighter tea flavour, you can try the Hongcha (our favourite) or Puer instead.

5) Emma

An upside-down wonder.
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Another newcomer in Singapore’s ice cream scene is Emma, a Japanese soft-serve store that serves “gravity-defying ice cream”. Its ability to stay intact while being held upside-down from a cone is said to be due to the richness of milky ice cream.

The shop serves its ice cream in crispy charcoal cones, and even has a Charcoal Cheese flavour (S$5.50) that is jet black in colour.

You can also choose to have your soft-serve in a taco-shaped wafer or a cup, topped with chewy tapioca pearls (yes, like in bubble tea).


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What we liked most about Emma’s soft-serves were the large servings and friendly prices of between S$4.80 to S$6.80.

The ice cream melts very quickly though, so it’d be best to share if you don’t like the idea of ice cream melting all over your hands.

Emma is located at the B2 level of Plaza Singapura mall.

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