8 cool shop experiences in Jewel Changi Airport that you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore

You can now get super-Instagrammable cones covered in Froot Loops, Coco Pops, and Oreos from American ice cream chain Emack and Bolio’s store in Jewel.
Rachel Chia/Business Insider

If the queues at its preview on Thursday (April 11) were anything to go by, Singaporeans couldn’t be more pleased at the selection of stores in Changi Airport’s new mall, Jewel.

The 10-storey complex houses over 280 shops and eateries, of which about half are Singapore brands.

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Apart from the usual suspects like Bengawan Solo, Old Chang Kee and Bee Cheng Hiang, Jewel also plays home to local brands like Rich and Good Cake Shop, Naiise, and Supermama, as well as international brands like Muji, Nike, and Lady M.

Business Insider rounded up eight of the most special stores worth the visit (and potential queue):

#1: Pokemon Center Singapore

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The first and only Pokemon Center outside of Japan was packed on preview day with fans eager to get their hands on official merchandise.

Each Pokemon Center has its own trio of mascots, and Singapore’s is Pikachu, Lapras, and Celebi. The former two are featured at the main entrance to the store, while the latter hangs beside the cashier.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

There’s also a model of a Gyarados spewing water – a nod to the Merlion.

The store, like most in Jewel, will have opening hours of 10am to 10pm.
Rachel Chia/Business Insider

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#2: Shake Shack

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The American burger chain is so popular, it practically has a cult following – but Singapore fans will have to wait, as it only opens its doors on Jewel’s official opening day of April 17.

Once open, the store will offer exclusive local items such as a pandan shake made with vanilla frozen custard ice cream, gula melaka crumble, and coconut. Go early or risk waiting for hours.

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#3: A&W

Rachel Tay/Business Insider

This fast food chain was once popular here, but closed all its stores and left Singapore in 2003, according to a report by The Straits Times.

Now, the brand is back once again, and its signature root beer float and coney dog will be on sale at Jewel 24/7.

#4: Tiger Street Lab

The Tiger Street Lab is located on the top floor of Jewel.
Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The Tiger Street Lab is Singapore’s first Tiger Beer store – but it comes across more like an eatery. At this preview, the brand had a food partner – heartland favourite Keng Eng Kee – responsible for whipping up dishes, one of which was made with Tiger Lemon Radler.

It’s also offering a special black lager infused with orchids.
Rachel Chia/Business Insider

#5. Burger and Lobster

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Located close to the Tiger Street Lab is Burger and Lobster, a restaurant from London famous for – you guessed it – lobsters. Like other eateries in the Canopy Park – Jewel’s topmost floor – this joint will be open until 3am daily.

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#6: Starbucks

While Starbucks is hardly new to Singapore, its Jewel outlet is now the biggest in the country.
Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Starbucks’ Jewel outlet includes wall art with a nod to Singapore, as well as three Singapore-exclusive dishes that can only be bought at the airport.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The dishes are a chicken satay sandwich, a chicken-rice inspired salad, and a tiramisu made with milo powder, all inspired by popular local food and drinks.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

#7: Emack and Bolio’s

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

This American ice cream chain is known for its Instagrammable cones, which feature crispy cereals and  biscuits – like Froot Loops, Coco Pops, and Oreos – stuck onto the cone with melted marshmallow.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider


#8: Five Spice by Food Junction

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Hungry before or after the late night movie? No problem. Just beside the cinema is Five Spice – an atas (high class) food court. About half the stalls here will be open 24 hours.

The stalls in Five Spice are all shops with over 25 years of operations, including Fu Lin Yong Tofu, Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wing, Guan Chee HK Roast, and Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles.

There’s also Chen’s Mapo Tofu, a szechuan cuisine stall set up by Michelin Starred restaurant Shinsen Hanten by Chen Kentaro.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

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