Someone posted photos of a tourist allegedly taking a dump on Port Dickson beach, and people are not happy

A tourist allegedly defecated on Malaysia’s Port Dickson beach, prompting outrage on the internet.

Photos of a woman allegedly defecating on Malaysia’s Port Dickson beach have sparked outrage online.

Originally posted on Saturday (April 13) by a Twitter user with the handle @zudomon, the photos have been retweeted more than 12,000 times by irate netizens.

In the tweet, @zudomon identified the woman as a Chinese tourist.

The uncensored photos were apparently taken by the user, who pretended to be taking a wefie with his friend.

Needless to say, people were incensed.

Some also brought up the idea of banning Chinese tourists altogether, citing cultural differences. However, many pointed out that such an approach would not only be rash, it would also be narrow-minded.

“We should start gently reprimanding them instead of recording what they are doing. If recording is necessary, then we should advise them what to do immediately. It’s our country, we’ve got to educate them, not just let them behave like it’s their own,” one commenter wrote.

“Remember when a Malaysian boy pooped in the shower of a Japanese hostel? Imagine if the Japanese had asked to ban all Malaysian tourists because they were angry. Don’t condemn an entire country just because of one person,” another Twitter user wrote in Malay.

And at least one Twitter user saw an opportunity amidst all the negativity. “Don’t ban them. Fine them RM5,000 instead. (We) can buy Proton back,” the netizen wrote.

After the photos went viral, New Straits Times (NST) reported that the president of the Port Dickson City Council said it would be investigating the incident.

A report also quoted the president as saying that the council was waiting for an RM8 million allocation to build a toilet on the beach.

In its translation of a Kosmo report, also said that Port Dickson district police had not received any police reports of the incident.