A 22-year-old Singaporean woman conducted ‘live’ crowdfunding for a bag she designed – and raised S$12,000 on the spot

Mandy Chan, 22, and Koh Choon Kiat, 30, created Quiver X, a multi-purpose bag designed for people who work, travel and hit the gym.

Younger Singaporeans are perceived as the “strawberry generation” – one that “bruises” and gives up easily in the face of hard work. But a number of Singaporean millennials are proving the naysayers wrong by (successfully) starting their own businesses from scratch.

Take for example three Singaporean men in their early 20s, who independently designed and prototyped their very own reusable straws. The chewable straw raised more than S$20,000 (USD$14,556) in less than a week after its launch.

And last Friday (Nov 23), 22-year-old Mandy Chan, co-founder of sports and travel accessory start-up Bow, launched a multi-purpose bag that reached its goal of S$15,000 in just 12 hours on Kickstarter.

The Quiver X bag, aimed at travellers and gym-goers, has a total of 11 compartments – including a large shoe compartment; a privacy pouch for passports; a card-sized slot on the strap and more.

Quiver X has many compartments designed for different purposes.

There is even an in-built waterproof, touch-sensitive fabric.

The bag has a “work compartment” designed to store laptops, and its shoulder strap has a card pocket for quick access.

According to Chan, Quiver X’s live crowdfunding event – held at Singapore Management University’s Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium – drew about 150 backers who pledged S$12,000 in just 2.5 hours.

“It was really shocking! I didn’t even see the funding as I was managing the event till someone told me that we were more than halfway to our funding goal,” Chan said.

Mandy Chan hosted a live crowdfunding event at the Singapore Management University on Nov 23.

According to her, the event was Singapore’s first-ever live crowdfunding conference.

Approximately 150 people attended the live crowdfunding conference.

As of noon on Nov 26, more than S$24,000 had been raised for Quiver X by 135 backers on Kickstarter – 42 days before the campaign period ends.

Chan’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t start with Quiver X. Just last year, Bow launched its debut bag, Quiver, which raised a total of over S$60,000 from close to 600 backers.

Chan told Business Insider that over 10,000 Quiver bags have been sold so far.

The new Quiver X is an upgraded version of Quiver.

Co-founder Koh Choon Kiat said the new bag was inspired by the many types of lifestyles individuals are leading these days.

“We found that Quiver had so much potential that was yet to be explored,” he said.

An earlier version of this article stated that Bow raised S$8,000 at its crowdfunding event on Nov 23. Bow has since updated the number to S$12,000.