‘Parrot Man’ arrested in Orchard Road – here’s what happened

Zeng Guoyan, nicknamed Parrot Man, was arrested for disorderly behaviour over the weekend.
Facebook/Titus KC Yap

A 64-year-old man was arrested on Saturday (Aug 25) in Orchard Road for disorderly behaviour. According to a report in The Straits Times, Zeng Guoyan had verbally abused another man.

Zeng, is familiar sight in the shopping district and has appeared in the media numerous times for this antics. The former businessman is nicknamed “Parrot Man” because he is often seen with a parrot on his shoulder.

He was given the moniker after he blamed the bird for hurling bad language at police officers ten years ago. Zeng also tried contesting the 2011 general election and presidential election but was unsuccessful on both attempts.

In between, he peddled a brand of hair tonic that was said to promote regrowth.

In 2014, he was diagnosed with nose cancer and underwent surgery which left him with a gaping hole on his face. Since then, he has taken to begging and selling tissue paper packs at crowded places like Geylang Serai and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple in Waterloo Street.

Some social media users have accused him of being a “fake beggar” because despite appearing in a wheelchair, he is able-bodied and has even been spotted shopping.

Just last year, the management of Ngee Ann City put up a notice advising the public to think twice about donating money to Zeng after he started showing up in the underground pedestrian link that connects the mall to Wisma Atria.

Zeng’s latest brush with the law took place over the weekend at Orchard Road when he was accused of disrupting a busker’s performance.

The latter told The Straits Times: “He normally comes on the weekends. He will wait for a crowd to grow around a performing busker, before coming in to play loud music and pressure the crowd to give him money.”

A video of the arrest was uploaded on Facebook by user Titus KC Yap where it garnered over 470k views. The same clip also received close to 30k views on YouTube.

Zeng can be heard kicking and screaming as authorities try to lift him out of his wheelchair and take him away from the scene. Police investigations are ongoing.