A couple has been caught caning and forcing a dog to stand on its hind legs – and social media users are not happy

After a couple was caught on video abusing their dog, the Internet has reacted angrily.
Facebook/Deepan Kumar

The Internet is incensed with a couple after they were captured on video abusing their dog by forcing it to stand on only its hind legs; and it seems that they did it to entertain others.

The incident, which occurred last Saturday (June 9) at Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya, was caught on video by Facebook user Deepan Kumar, who said that the couple had been “shouting and caning the dog”.

This was done in a bid to ensure that the dog continued walking on its hind legs, in order to provide entertainment to people passing by. The dog was reportedly tired and kept trying to walk on all four, but every time it did so, the couple would force it to get back up.

In the video, the man can also be seen trying to kick the dog to force it to stay up; and the dog, which appeared to have part of its fur dyed red and is wearing some sort of costume, looks affected by the ordeal.

At one point, the dog enters a clothing shop. Upon seeing a young shopper, it immediately approaches her before its owner continues urging it to move on.

The video can be seen here, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart or for those who love animals.

The video, which has almost 157,000 views and over 2600 shares at the time of writing, has attracted attention from social media users, many of them upset at the treatment of the dog:

Facebook users were upset by the video.

There were also some that suggested reporting the owners to the police for abusing the animal:


Others called for the owners to be reported.

Dogs walking on their hind legs for a prolonged period of time could very possibly hurt the dog, causing physical trauma according to Global News.

To report such cases, you can email the Department of Veterinary Services at pro@dvs.org.my or contact the SPCA at their emergency number 03-4265 5312.