A Malaysian brand called Sefarra is ripping off Sephora’s designs – and nobody is impressed

We have seen our fair share of ripoffs – from Niki (Nike) to Abibas (Adidas) – but the latest addition to the long list, puts the icing on the cake.

And it is none other than Sefarra, inspired by French cosmetics chain Sephora.

But of course, using the word “inspired” may be giving the brand a little too much credit.

And Twitter users seem to agree with us.

Twitter post by @Daeniaaa

We can’t say what Farra Fareez, the founder of Sefarra, was thinking when she started this. But here’s a look at the brand’s packaging.

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Sefarra’s Facebook Page

Look familiar?

How about these perfume bottles? They look eerily similar to perfume bottles from another french brand Chanel. The box even describes the perfume as “inspired parfum”, with each bottle named after a famous European fashion house.

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Sefarra’s Facebook page

But we have to say, it does take guts to rip off some of the biggest brands in the beauty industry without batting an eyelid.

Of course, Twitter users had plenty to say about Sefarra’s designs – and they definitely weren’t impressed.

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Twitter post by @MohdNazahah

Many just wanted Sephora’s doppelganger gone.

Twitter post by @imnadiahjacobs


Who knows? Sefarra might just surprise us all, by faking it till it makes it.