A Malaysian runner is asking for RM4 million to pay for the ‘high costs’ of her world tour – but netizens aren’t buying it

National runner Suwaibah Muhammad Nasir is asking for RM4.07 million to climb 30 of the world’s tallest towers to raise awareness about humanitarian aid in Asian refugee camps.

To scale 30 of the world’s tallest towers by next year, she needs USD1 million (RM4.07 million)- and that’s on top of free flights and free accommodation.

These were the requirements listed by national solo runner Suwaibah Muhammad Nasir in order to complete her tower-running “humanitarian tour” across 14 countries, Bernama reported.

On her Instagram page, the athlete said the tour will “spread awareness on the need for humanitarian aid in Asian refugee camps around the world”.


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Suwaibah, who is an ambassador for the World Peace Committee, said she expects to scale four towers a month, and has already secured sponsorships for plane tickets and accommodation from “several parties”, Bernama said.

The report added that Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu is also a patron of Suwaibah’s tour.

The athlete also posted a photo on Instagram of her meeting Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to talk about her tour.

According to the New Straits Times, Suwaibah plans to start her tour by climbing three towers in the Philippines in February, followed by Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands in March, then Russia’s tallest telecommunications tower, the 540-metre tall Ostankino Tower, in April.

The USD1 million she is requesting will cover the “high costs” of visa applications and other miscellaneous fees, Bernama quoted Suwaibah as saying.

However, the sheer amount she is requesting has been criticised by Malaysian tower runner Soh Wai Ching, who called the sum “just too much”.

Soh, who was the world’s fifth best in tower running in 2018, which sees athletes sprint to the top of a tower in the shortest time possible.

In a Facebook post on Feb 7, Soh claimed he paid RM30,000 from his own pocket in 2018 to race up 20 towers internationally. He subsequently put out a crowdfunding plea for RM136,300 to participate in another 20 tower running races this year.

Soh is not the only one to balk at Suwaibah ‘s amount – netizens have also taken issue with the sum, with many questioning the need for such a large sponsorship.

Others noted the lack of transparency on how exactly Suwaibah’s tour would benefit refugee camps.

And at least one person noted that unlike Soh, Suwaibah has also not placed on any world rankings for the sport.

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