A man in Singapore received a McGriddles bun that was so hard, nothing happened when he rolled over it with a car or hurled it down 10 floors

Edwin Loh said a McGriddles bun he received was hard as rock.
Edwin Loh, Facebook / Edwin Loh

What would you do if your favourite McDonald’s breakfast item was delivered to you inedible and rock hard? Why, throw it down a HDB block and run it over with a car, of course.

At least that’s what Edwin Loh did – and he didn’t forget to record each of these (futile) attempts to break what he now calls “McRock”.

The Singaporean founder of events company EZ Entertainment and artiste management company Squad Entertainment told Business Insider that he ordered McGriddles from McDonald’s City Square Mall outlet via GrabFood last Saturday (March 23).

When his order arrived, he sensed something was amiss.

“Before I unwrapped the McGriddles, I realised something was wrong with it. As I was holding on to it, I felt it was very hard on one side,” Loh said.

He added: “I tried to (take a) bite, but I didn’t manage to… The other side of the McGriddles was hard as well, but it wasn’t as tough as this.”

According to Loh, the sausage patty and egg inside his sandwich were “fine”.

Loh then posted a series of videos on social media of himself trying to break the bun.

In the first, he can be seen stabbing with a fork what appears to be a stiff, impenetrable McGriddles bun – which he called “Sausage McRock with Egg”. He then tried to screw a nail through the bun to no avail.

The 30-year-old entrepreneur then attempted to use a metal fork, but ended up bending the fork without even leaving a dent on the rock hard bun. He even tried using a huge cleaver, but even that was no match for the unassailable “McRock”.

He told Business Insider that he had tried to demonstrate how hard the bun was by first knocking on it with his hand. “By hearing the sound, you can tell it’s tough,” he said.

“When I posted the video of the screw and nail, a lot of my friends responded saying it was way too funny,” he said. He then decided to video all his attempts to post online.

He also deliberately ran the bun over with a car, and threw it down 10 floors of a block of HDB flats – both of which did nothing to the bun. But don’t worry, it was thrown onto an empty carpark rooftop and not in a crowded area.

The bun was so hard to crack that he wrote: “@mcdsg really did a good job on making #mcgriddles so tough!”

“My objective towards the later stage was try to destroy it, but I failed hard,” Loh said.

Eventually, the only item which managed to penetrate the bun was a screw which had to be hammered in.

Still loving it

Despite the experience, Loh said he still loves the popular McDonald’s breakfast item.

In the Facebook post, he thanked McDonald’s for making his day, and wrote: “McGriddles will still be my favorite McDonald’s breakfast (food) of all time. I’ll never lose faith in them.”

He also told Business Insider: “I am not angry at receiving the ‘McRock’. I find it rather amusing.”

Instead, Loh said he was glad to be able to make thousands of netizens laugh. In total, the three videos he posted have already garnered more than 375,000 views on Facebook alone.

“I’m not trying to condemn McDonald’s by doing those videos. It was purely for entertainment’s sake,” he added.

According to Loh, both McDonald’s and GrabFood have told him that they would look into the matter.

Loh even sang praises of the way the companies handled the issue. “Both did an excellent job in customer service, especially McDonald’s.”

Looks like this fan’s love for McDonald’s is as strong as – you guessed it – “McRock”.

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