A mysterious Apple app called ‘Files’ surfaced on the App Store ahead of WWDC

[TIM COOK PHOTO, BOTTOM OF PAGE 1 ON SEARCH FOR ‘TIM COOK’] An unreleased Apple app named “Files” appeared briefly on the App Store on Sunday night ahead of the company’s keynote speech at its WWDC event on Monday.

The listing for the Files app, which was spotted by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, showed that it was created by Apple, and it seems that the app will allow users to see which files are stored on their iOS devices. The App Store listing has since been deleted.

The removed “Files” app listing.

Right now there’s no easy way for users to see the file system on an iPhone or iPad – but it looks like Apple is going to change that with the release of iOS 11, its updated mobile operating system.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to give a keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC event today, and the company is expected to announce iOS 11, as well as updated iPads and MacBooks.