A Seattle musician made a song using sounds recorded on SIA’s A350 plane – and the result is genius

Chong the Nomad (right), a beatsmith from Seattle, made a song out of sounds recorded on Singapore Airlines’ A350 plane.
YouTube/Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) first non-stop flight to Seattle took off from Changi Airport on Tuesday (September 3) morning.

In a statement, SIA said that SQ28 will be met with a water cannon salute when it lands on the tarmac of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

But that’s not all.

To mark the airline’s fourth US city served on a non-stop route (the others are Los Angeles, Newark and San Francisco), SIA also unveiled a special music track dedicated to the Seattle service.

Created by up-and-coming Seattle musician and beatsmith Chong the Nomad, the track titled “Non-Stop” is a remix of sounds collected from the Airbus A350-900, which is the aircraft SIA will use for its non-stop flights to the Emerald City three times a week.

Seattle, SIA noted, has a rich music scene and is also the birthplace of many major musical influences such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix.

Some of the sounds Chong collected on the flight include a mid-flight announcement by a Singapore Girl (a female flight attendant), the whirring of a cockpit control, a seatbelt being fastened, the bubbling of champagne being poured in a glass, and more.

Chong the Nomad, an Asian American artist based in Seattle, then remixed the sounds in her signature pop-electronic style for SIA’s aptly named “Seattle Sounds Even Better Now” campaign.

The result was a genius, refreshing and upbeat combination of common sounds heard on an airplane.

On Tuesday morning, she announced the collaboration on an Instagram post, revealing that she had flown to Singapore about a month prior to the song’s release.

“I had the adventure of a lifetime. Can’t believe music took me all the way across the world,” Chong, whose real name is Alda Agustiano, wrote.

Calling Singapore a “beautiful country”, she added that she “had the adventure of a lifetime”.

The frequency of SIA’s non-stop Seattle service will increase from three to four times weekly in October. This will bring the total number of weekly non-stop Singapore-US services to 31, SIA said.

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