A Singapore company known for its coveted gaming chairs just launched a limited edition official Game of Thrones series – and there are 3 houses to choose from


The global Game of Thrones (GOT) mania continues to rages on.

As the final season of HBO’s popular series keeps fans at the edge of their seats, more and more unusual merchandise is being offered to satisfy the desires of those eyeing the Iron Throne.

Now, in addition to GOT alcohol (whisky, beer, wine), GOT Adidas sneakers, and even a GOT Fender guitar, there are also GOT gaming chairs made by Secretlab, an award-winning gaming chair maker from Singapore.

Launched in collaboration with HBO Licensing & Retail, Secretlab’s GOT chairs come in three limited edition designs – Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister – named after three of the most popular houses on the show.

Secretlab’s Stark chair.

Secretlab’s Targaryen chair.

Secretlab’s Lannister chair.

The designs are available on Secretlab’s Titan and Omega series chairs, and priced at US$389 or S$529 and US$429 or S$579 respectively.

Secretlab, whose Omega chair is well-known for its memory foam lumbar pillow, also released a Dark Knight edition of its chairs in honour of Batman last month.

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