A Swiss firm is building electric bus chargers in Singapore that can recharge public buses in under 10mins

Swiss engineering firm ABB said its electric bus charging solutions will incorporate a “future-proof” and modular design.

When public electric buses finally arrive on Singapore’s streets early next year, it won’t take long to get them all charged up and ready to run.

Swiss engineering and automation company ABB announced in a statement on Tuesday (July 2) that it has clinched contracts to build charging infrastructure for 40 single-deck public electric buses planned for roll out in 2020.

The company said it will provide ST Engineering’s 20 upcoming single-deck electric buses four 450 kW chargers that operate via an automated rooftop connection system, allowing them to be quickly recharged in less than 10 minutes at key interchanges, with enough power to run for 35km.

ABB will also provide 10 150 kW overnight charging systems to charge a fleet of 20 electric buses supplied by BYD Singapore. The system will accommodate “sequential” charging of up to two electric buses parked at a depot, enabling all the buses to be fully powered for full-day operations within 4.5 hours.

Last year, BYD Singapore and ST Engineering were each awarded contracts by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for 20 single-deck electric buses in contracts worth S$17 million and S$15 million respectively, according to a Straits Times report.

The third firm to be awarded a tender (S$18 million) was Chinese group Yutong-NARI Consortium which will supply 10 single-deck and 10 double-deck electric buses.

ABB noted that its charging solutions incorporate a “future-proof” and modular design that comes with “safe and reliable” operation, remote service and data management.

The company also said its solutions are poised to facilitate “greener” and “more sustainable” public transportation in the island nation.

ABB first entered the EV-charging market in 2010 and has since sold more than 11,000 direct current fast chargers in 76 countries. It currently offers charging solutions for electric cars, electric and hybrid buses, as well as electrification solutions for ships and railways.

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