A Twitter exchange between PM Lee and Razer’s CEO could result in an e-payments proposal within 14 days

Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang
The Straits Times

When there is an issue to tackle, someone has to step up to the plate.

In the case of Singapore’s need for a new unified e-payment system in Singapore, Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang decided to welcome the challenge.

Following a Twitter exchange between Tan and the Prime Minister, the tech leader was quoted by The Straits Times as saying: “We will submit the proposal in the next 14 days or less and we expect to assemble a team of some of the best payments engineers and experts in Singapore”.

On Aug 20, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong tweeted about the necessity for one unified e-payment system in Singapore, saying that while Singapore has the “right ingredients”, more work has to be done so that the smart nation doesn’t “lag behind others in areas like electronic payments”.

During his National Day Rally earlier this month, PM Lee cited China’s advancements in this arena as an example.

He also tweeted that “we do have e-payments but too many schemes & systems – inconvenient for consumers and costly for businesses.”

In response, Tan tweeted that he could have a system “rolled out nationwide in 18 months. For Singaporeans. By Singaporeans”.

Razer is a world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems.

According to Tech in Asia, it currently has its own e-payment service and zGold, a digital currency, used for in-game transactions.

Enthusiastic about the prospect of a local entrepreneur tackling one of Singapore’s top priorities, PM Lee promised to “study it seriously” if Tan sent him a proposal.

The Razer CEO seemed impressed by the PM’s quick response, and promptly followed up with a promise to deliver the proposal within 14 days.

Following Tan’s lead, Carousell CEO Siu Rui Quek also jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting that Carousell would be “happy to do our part too”.