A woman in Malaysia found a crocodile in her backyard, brought it into her house, and cuddled it like it was no big deal

Kota Baru resident Azy Nadia Aziz, 22, was filmed cuddling the crocodile and waving one of its legs.

A video of a woman holding a wild crocodile in her arms has gone viral online, with netizens amazed at how she handled the animal without fear.

According to a report by Harian Metro, Kota Baru resident Azy Nadia Aziz, 22, found the 1.5-metre-long croc in her backyard and decided to bring it indoors – much like one would a stray dog or cat.

The animal is believed to have gotten into the house from a nearby river.

“I saw that the crocodile was not moving and it was not aggressive, so I captured it,” Azy told Harian Metro on Monday (Jan 7), as translated by The Star.

The viral video shows Azy sitting on a sofa and cuddling the reptile  – which is almost as long as she is – in one arm, while playing with one of its feet.

Azy took pictures with the crocodile before releasing it back to the river that same night, The Star said.

Several netizens who thought Azy kept the crocodile permanently as a pet have criticised her actions, but most expressed admiration for her bravery in handling the animal despite the obvious danger.