The 10 best TV commercials of 2016 so far

Pantene’s ad featuring DeAngelo Williams doing his daughter’s hair made it into the top ten.

There’s no perfect formula for TV ads. However, certain ads have an invisible quality that allows them to break through into the public consciousness.

Analytics company Ace Metrix ranked the 10 ads that were able to “get noticed” during the first quarter of 2016. It combined the components of Likeability and Attention to come up with the final breakthrough score.

Ace Metrix scores every national TV ad in the US using a panel of at least 500 consumers, demographically balanced according to the US census. Each commercial is given a score between 1-950.

Brands whose ads feature in the top 10 include Pantene, Android, and Samsung Mobile. Just two of the top 10 breakthrough ads this quarter were shown at The Super Bowl – the biggest TV advertising event of the year.

10. Apple — “Save Time.” Likeability Score: 741. Attention Score: 743.

9. Dick’s Sporting Goods — “The Contenders.” Likeability Score: 739. Attention Score: 746.

8. Walgreens — “Give a Shot.” Likeability Score: 743. Attention Score: 748.

7. Doritos — “No Dogs Allowed.” Likeability Score: 750. Attention Score: 747.

6. Audi — “Commander.” Likeability Score: 736. Attention Score: 766.

5. Samsung Mobile Phones — “Why?” Likeability Score: 746. Attention Score: 762.

4. Android — “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Likeability Score: 749. Attention Score: 760.

3. Pantene — “Deangelo Williams & Jason Witten: Girls into Women.” Likeability Score: 762. Attention Score: 748.

2. M&M’s — “Zedd & Blacc.” Likeability Score: 756. Attention Score: 760.

1. Microsoft — “Women Made.” Likeability Score: 771. Attention Score: 769.