Actor Anthony Wong declares he was ‘never pro-Hong Kong independence’, says bye to fans on Facebook

Anthony Wong in Ip Man: The Final Fight.
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Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has bade his fans goodbye on Facebook, saying he is “tired” while wishing for harmony to return to the Special Administrative Region (SAR) and the Chinese mainland.

“Everyone, I’m tired. Goodbye,” Wong wrote in the post published on Thursday (August 29) morning, adding that there was no need to worry as “I’m not going to die”.

Addressing people who hate him, the outspoken actor said: “I don’t hate you all because I don’t know you all and you have no effect on me.”

“It’s only because of personal reasons (that I’m saying goodbye). I’m just tired,” he added.

“I have never been pro-Hong Kong independence,” Wong said.
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Describing Facebook as a place where everyone was “equal”, the 57-year-old wrote: “I only wish that harmonious relations return to the people of Hong Kong and mainland China, just like it was before.”

“Lastly, like most people, I have never been pro-Hong Kong independence,” he wrote.

“I am only an ordinary Hong Konger with an independent thinking, and who loves knowledge and hates evil,” he added.

In the post, Wong also denied having ever used the derogatory term “locusts” to refer to people from the mainland. He claimed that the term was used by a film director who is currently quite popular in China. However, he declined to reveal more when netizens asked him to who he was referring to.

Anthony Wong’s Facebook post on August 29.
Screengrab from Facebook

Hong Kong and Chinese celebrities have in recent weeks begun to speak out on the anti-extradition protests that have gripped the SAR since the end of March.

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Last year, the veteran actor made international headlines when he took to Facebook in his search for his birth father, whom he had not met since he was a young child.

BBC Chinese reported that word of the search helped Wong locate two of his half-brothers in Melbourne Australia. The Perry brothers later met their long-lost half-sibling for the first time in Hong Kong.

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